“I am a former car thief, and this is the only method to prevent your vehicle from being stolen”


Has your car ever been stolen? It is one of the most unpleasant experiences that exist. You feel absolute helplessness, added to the anxiety of not knowing if you will ever get him back. And if you haven’t finished paying it, even worse.

Therefore, the international media Business Insider has conducted an interview with Hondo Underwood, a man who spent more than two years stealing cars of all kinds throughout the Denver, USA area.

What makes your car more attractive to thieves?

Underwood explains that security systems actually deter thieves. “If you don’t put on any anti-theft system or leave any personal effects visible, this will attract criminals,” she says. “If you add something like new tires, or upgrade the car’s stereo, that will make it a candidate for theft.”

My advice to drivers: don’t be reckless, don’t leave personal belongings visible or carry unnecessary things. And install an alarm”

Hondo UnderwoodEx-thief

“Anything that has Bluetooth is detectable and easy to steal,” adds the expert. He remembers that thieves have a very easy and quick system to detect if you have a cell phone or laptop in the trunk.

The only way to prevent your car from being stolen

The former car thief reveals that the only way to prevent your car from being stolen is to “break the circuit somewhere in the car: between the battery and the ignition, between the battery and the ignition… I recommend installing a manual switch between the ignition and the battery. Hidden, yes. “If the thief gets into the car and it doesn’t start, he won’t have time to find out what’s wrong with the vehicle. Maybe they’ll come in, but they won’t take it.”

It is recommended not to leave personal objects visible.



They start with the car, they end up emptying your house

“I see the car as a starting point to commit other thefts. If I see that you have a remote control to open the garage door, maybe I will break into your house. If you have the car in a community parking lot, surely you are so reckless to have some documentation that reveals which floor you live on.

On the other hand, keyless vehicles (with a proximity card or remote control) can be hacked relatively easily, extracting it from the car’s software with an electronic device or intercepting the frequency emitted by the key fob when pressing the unlock button, in order to clone your controller.

The catalysts, the sweetest

In recent years, thefts of car catalysts have increased exponentially – also in Catalonia. Underwood explains that these are pieces that contain a significant amount of high-value metals, such as palladium or platinum, which are in great demand.

A thief stealing a catalytic converter.


After fulfilling his debt to justice, Underwood married, had children, found a job as a foreman and even trains a team of softball. “Now my life is the typical American dream,” she admits.



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