The TWR Supercat is the brutal restomod of the Jaguar XJ-S that will conquer you


Tom Walkinshaw , or TWR for short, is a racing team that has been closely linked to Jaguar even off the track. Founded by the late Tom Walkinshaw, a successful racing driver during the 70s and 80s, one of his most spectacular races was driving a Jaguar XJ-S designed by TWR for the 1985 Bathurst 100. Now, Under a refounded TWR created by his son Fergus Walkinshaw and his partner Tom Kane, this company has returned to that special car to create a restomod that could well be the definitive version of the famous Jaguar XJ-S with a V12 engine. Its name, Supercat.

Pure muscle based on carbon fiber

This muscular Jaguar XJ-S features a redesigned carbon fiber body created by Khyzyl Saleema name that will surely sound familiar to you because he has created other very interesting rendered and real restomods of great classic cars that have ended up becoming popular on social networks, and even Magnus Walker, designer and famous personality in the world of restomods and a fan of Porsches, too appears as a consultant for the project.

Supercharged to exceed 600 HP

As a result we have a truly brutal Jaguar. But the adjustments do not stop at the aesthetic, because although the project is not yet finished mechanically, TWR announces that it will use a supercharged V12 engine with which this big cat will offer more than 600 HP, and for the greatest possible fun and purity, manageable with a manual transmission.

a green car with a black top

Only 88 units

TWR already announces that this Supercat will be offered in both Europe and the US, in the form of a limited series of 88 units. Deliveries will start in the last quarter of this year with a price of 225,000 poundsThat is, 263,179 euros in exchange, a sincerely very “affordable” price for what is usually seen in the world of restomods with high-end cars.

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