Carmen Balfagón reveals the decision of Rodolfo Sancho and his lawyers after the last session of Daniel’s trial

Carmen Balfagón reveals the decision of Rodolfo Sancho and his lawyers after the last session of Daniel’s trial
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The case of Daniel Sancho (30 years old) is being one of the most followed in history due to all the expectation it is generating both in our country and outside our borders. Furthermore, new twists emerge every day that completely change what happened in Thailand. Now it has been Carmen Balfagón, Rodolfo Sancho’s spokesperson (49 years old) who wanted to explain the decision made by the actor and his entire team of lawyers in the last session of his son’s trial.

On Tuesday morning, the interpreter of ‘The Ministry of Time’ was going to give a statement before the judge to be able to tell everything that happened to his son and answer the questions they asked him. However, he was surprised that he did not finally testify and all this in order to be present at the statement that the alleged murderer was going to make in order to continue showing his support in these complicated moments. Now the spokesperson has explained the real reason for this change.

The reason why Rodolfo Sancho has not testified in the trial

This Tuesday afternoon, Balfagón wanted to connect live with the program ‘And now Sonsoles’. The family spokesperson was in Koh Samui with a reporter from the Antena 3 program who gave her the floor so that she could talk to the presenter about what happened in the court. “We are complying with the legal procedure and it has been Daniel who has had the opportunity to explain what happened before the judge”, he began by saying.

In this way, he made it clear that the Thai Prosecutor’s Office is eager for this case to end and to be able to meet the dates that had originally been speculated. “The Court wants to finish this trial however on Friday,” he commented. “If Rodolfo testified, he had to testify before Daniel so that could not be contaminated”, he explained about the reason for not having declared. “The judge has considered that what Rodolfo can tell is what his son has told him,” he pointed out since the actor knows everything from his son.

Carmen Balfagón reveals the decision that Rodolfo Sancho has made

On the other hand, the spokesperson wanted to explain what the hearing will be like next Wednesday. “Tomorrow a forensic doctor is coming provided by the defense, a forensic psychologist is coming and two statements that we want to keep anonymous,” she said. “It is also true that there is still a need to respond on the part of Daniel to the questions of the Prosecutor’s Office which has been left pending for tomorrow,” he revealed. Furthermore, he clarified that “the Prosecutor’s Office may ask what it considers appropriate.”



However, the presenter wanted to know more details about what had happened in Koh Samui, something that Carmen did not reveal under any circumstances and thus revealed the decision that the entire team had made. “I’m not going to say anything about what happened in that room. None of us on the defense side are going to do it.”, he stated emphatically. In this way, she made clear the position they had agreed to avoid any leak of what happened in the Thai courtroom.

On the other hand, he wanted to make it clear that Daniel has only responded to the questions posed to him by the defense because it was not the turn of the Thai Prosecutor’s Office in this session. “Daniel has only answered the defense’s questions because only the defense has asked questions today. Tomorrow he will answer the questions of the Prosecutor’s Office”, explained the spokesperson for the Sancho family.

Daniel Sancho’s statement before the Thai Prosecutor’s Office

This Tuesday was the day that the Spanish chef was able to give a statement before the Court of Koh Samui. As the spokesperson for the Sancho family has already stated, Daniel has responded to the questions asked by the defense, leaving the Prosecutor’s questions for the next day’s session. “Today Daniel Sancho has been testifying for around 4 hours but only has answered questions from his lawyer, from the defense“They have focused on what happened in that room where the murder of Edwin Arrieta was allegedly committed and on the dismemberment,” explained reporter María de Vicente in the program ‘Let’s see’.

“What Daniel said is that he was in shock at the moment he dismembered the body and that he delayed going to the police because he was confused and afraid of feeling persecuted. Furthermore, according to the victim’s lawyer, he has regretted what happened but He has not apologized directly to Edwin Arrieta’s family“, explained the journalist about the little that had emerged from inside the court. “It was a statement in which Daniel used both Spanish and English with the help of a Thai translator, he mixed both languages ​​and in which his parents, Silvia Bronchalo and Rodolfo Sancho, were present,” he added. she.



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