Lequio shares an image of his mother with the brooch that belonged to Victoria Eugenia


New details

Alessandro Lequio has shared an image in which we see his mother, Sandra Torlonia, wearing the brooch

The jewel in question will be auctioned at Christie’s and was owned by Queen Victoria Eugenie

The Queen Victoria Eugenie of Battenbertg He died at the age of 81, as a result of irreversible liver dysfunction in April 1969 at his Vielle Fontaine residence in Lausanne, . Her jeweler kept a large collection of exclusive pieces that she herself, through her will, decided that a large part of them would go to the Spanish Royal Family. However, others were destined for other family members. So it was.

In this way, one of these pieces ended up in the hands of Alessandro Lequio’s mother, Alessandra Torlonia and Borbón. This exclusive piece was inherited by Infanta Beatriz, Princess of Civitella-Cesi. After her death in 2002, this jewel went to his eldest daughteralso known as Sandra Torlonia.

Alessandro Lequio in a file image. (Photo: Gtres)

The auction house Christie’s has been put up for auction until next May – the 15th – a brooch made with two emeralds that belonged to Queen Victoria Eugenie and which, later, ended up in the hands of Alessandro Lequio’s mother.

An unpublished image

After learning about this story, Alessandro Lequio shared on his Instagram profile an unpublished image of her mother carrying the jewel. «The Torlonia girls…My adored mother and my aunt Olimpia,” the Italian wrote alongside a photograph in which the two women appear dressed; her aunt in a black dress and her mother in a black and fuchsia outfit, and she also wears her brooch around her neck, matching the earrings. In this way, Alessandro has taken a step forward, rescuing from his past a picture that until now had not seen the light of day.


Finally, the jewelry will be auctioned with a value close to 200,000 euros. It’s formed by two Colombian emeraldsthe upper one oval, in a cabochon cut, and the lower one in a sugar loaf cut, a more unusual and refined variation of the cabochon cut that occurs when the stone is carved in the shape of a tall pyramid with 4 sides and polished without facets.

Alessandro Lequio’s mother She last wore the brooch at her son’s wedding in 2008. After his death in 2014, the jewel passed into the hands of his daughter Desirée, Alessandro’s sister and in charge of putting them up for auction.

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