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Goodbye to Ion Aramendi after more than 200 programs: this is Jordi, the new presenter of Chain Reaction

Fun moment in Chain Reaction. With the certainty of being ahead on the scoreboard and after making a funny mistake, the Mozos de Arousa relaxed and gave us an endearing moment. The three have realized that the formulation was poorly formulated and that it was not Margarita who painted Borja’s famous eccehomo.

The Mozos de Arousa have a very good rhythm in their star event, but they have run out of wildcards and Borjamina laughed when she saw that they had to formulate the word eccehomo. Raúl started by saying what-painting-Margarita-painted and he didn’t give them any more time because Bruno was clear that Infanta Margarita appears in Velázquez’s Las Meninas. When Ion Aramendi told him that it was not Las Meninas but an eccehomo, Bruno corrected his colleagues and told him that “it’s Cecilia” and his colleagues started laughing. Confused by the ruling, the Galician contestants have lost focus and have formulated “tip” with the intention that Bruno guessed the word heel correctly or they have passed on the capital of Nepal, when Bruno was very clear that it was Kathmandu.

Despite the failures and the laughter, the Mozos de Arousa have once again emerged victorious from their star test of winning complicity and have faced the last chain for a prize of 126,000 euros.

Presenter change

But it was not the only anecdote that was experienced in the Telecinco contest. The three rivals of the Mozos de Arousa were playing the “Winning Complicity” test. The correct answer was “presenter.” But Laly, looking at Ion Aramendi, called him Jordi. His partner corrected him: “Ion.”

Finally they found the correct answer. “Thank you Laly. Something magical just happened that I must thank you for. You called me Jordi like the great Jordi Hurtado. Yes!” The presenter celebrated, showing off his great sense of humor. “That fills me with excitement,” he concluded.



On many occasions we have seen how Raúl and Borjamina thought the same or even that Bruno and Borjamina made a decision with Raúl’s opinion against it, but it is very unusual for Raúl and Bruno to agree so easily and decide to take the risk while being about to overcome the barrier of one million six hundred thousand euros.

The Mozos de Arousa have faced a complicated, very complicated last chain that has made them play for a last word that was only worth 7,250 euros. Of course, enough amount so that they could overcome the imaginary barrier of one million six hundred thousand euros. Knowing that the last word began with Ta and ended with A, Bruno was very clear that it was the word Tarifa, but at the same time he doubted that the word had already come out. The Mozos de Arousa have continued to propose possible options, but none with so much weight.

Borjamina was clear that they had to buy the missing link, but Bruno said that he liked Tarifa and Raúl agreed with him. Something that, as Ion Aramendi has highlighted, is very unusual to happen and has led Borjamina to agree with them.

A correct decision because the correct word was Tarifa and they have managed to overcome a new barrier. The Galician contestants already have 1,605,140 euros in their possession. For the first time, Bruno has placed himself at the center of the Mozos de Arousa and has provisionally become the leader or spokesperson of the Galician team in ‘Chain Reaction’. Not an easy mission that he has faced with some nerves.

Tired of feeling the pressure of having to choose between his brother and his friend, Borjamina said enough is enough and temporarily, his teammates are getting a taste of what it feels like to have to be the main voice of the team and have the last word.



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