Paul Auster dies at 77 in New York

Paul Auster dies at 77 in New York
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Europa PressMadrid 05/01/2024 08:15h.

The American writer Paul Auster has died in New York

  • The newspaper ‘The New York Times’ has reported the death tonight of the prominent American writer in Brooklyn

  • Paul Auster was awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Literature in 2006

  • Paul Auster is the author of works such as ‘The New York Trilogy’, ‘Sunset Park’, ‘Invisible’ and ‘The Book of Illusions’

The prominent American writer Paul Auster is dead this tuesday night in Brooklyna neighborhood in New York City ( States), to which 77 years old as a consequence of a lung cancer, as reported by the newspaper ‘The New York Times’.

The death of Auster, author of works such as ‘The New York Trilogy’, ‘Sunset Park’, ‘Invisible’ or ‘The Book of Illusions’has been confirmed to the aforementioned newspaper by her friend Jacki Lyden.

His career and popularity have meant that his work has been translated into more than forty languages, and has led him to enter the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and receive the Prince of Asturias Award for Literature in 2006.

His latest work, ‘Baumgartner’

In November 2023 he published his latest novel, ‘Baumgartner’, which came after the novel ‘4 3 2 1’, from 2017, the essays ‘The Immortal Flame of Stephen Crane’, from 2021, and ‘A Country Bathed in Blood ‘, also from 2023.

‘Baumgartner’ collects a story about love, desire, loss, memory and loneliness starring Seymour Baumgartner, a philosophy professor about to retire. In it, Auster narrates Baumgartner’s adventures, Grieving over the loss of his great love, Anna, nine years ago, and how his imminent retirement “unleashes a torrent of memories and a new way of seeing the world that gives him back the will to live.” Wanting to move forward, she begins a new relationship, followed by “a series of unpredictable events subject to the whims of fate.”

More than seven years in silence fighting cancer and the death of and granddaughter

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It has been more than seven years since the writer Paul Auster, in full fight against lung cancer, I didn’t publish anything. In all this time he has experienced other misfortunes, such as the early deaths of his granddaughter and his son. In November 2021, your granddaughter Ruby died while he was in the care of his father, Daniel Auster – the only child Paul had with Lydia Davis, his partner before Siri – at his home in Brooklyn. The preliminary autopsy did not detect injuries on the little girl, but the toxicological analysis revealed the presence of high doses of heroin and fentanyl in her system. Months later, in April 2022, Daniel was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and later released after posting bail. Shortly afterward he died of an overdose.

The Writing has been a balm for Paul Auster for the wounds and has managed to turn all that pain into a tender and luminous story. A story written in blood and in the midst of chemotherapy and the battle against cancer. In it the protagonist is a retired writer and philosophy professor, a septuagenarian like Auster, who lives tormented by the memory of the woman he loved for four decades and who died. It is precisely his wife through social networks who has recounted Auster’s day-to-day life and battle against cancer.

In this time of silence, of drama, the writer and Princess of Asturias award winner Siri Hustvedt, the writer’s wife, has been like his voice to the world. The writer preferred to remain silent and write.

Paul Auster’s last visit to Spain, in 2022

In 2022, after one misfortune after another in the life of the writer Paul Auster, the writer came to Spain to be awarded an honorary doctorate by the Autonomous of Madrid (UAM).

In his speech, in addition to alluding to the “devastation” that the Russian invasion of had caused, he wanted to open up and share two very special anecdotes for him: one about his grandfather and another about how he started writing.

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