Rocío Carrasco’s guest list on her 47th birthday… and two striking absences


There is no doubt that Rocío Carrasco is going through one of the most exciting stages of her life and she demonstrated this with the celebration of her 47th birthdaysomething she commemorated with a great party in which she was surrounded by her best friends and her faithful Fidel Albiacalthough it was missed on the list two significant absences.

Rocío Carrasco experienced a double celebration on Monday. Not only did she commemorate her birthday in style, but she also presented it to the media. your new business projecta facial care line that bears its initials as its name (RC-Skincare) and is focused on mature skin.

Once the presentation to the media was over, the businesswoman celebrated her birthday in the well-known Arzábal restaurant, from Madrid. She entered the premises talking on the phone – the old trick when you don’t want a journalist to bother you – and accompanied by her husband, Fidel Albiac.

Little by little, all his guests began to show themselves. A select group of friends of the main protagonist of the day did not miss the important event, people like Alba Carillo, Nagore Robles, Anabel Dueñas, Sofía Suescun or Carla Flilaamong other.

The two unexpected absences

However, not only the present figures attracted attention, but also the absent ones. And this appointment was missing nothing more and nothing less than Carmen Borrego and Terelu Camposwho are already known to have maintained a close relationship with Rocío Carrasco for years.

Nobody knows for sure the reasons for the absences, although the current moment of the ‘campos clan’ may give some clues. A few days ago, Terelu Campos opened up to those present on the ‘D Corazón’ program to say: “Look at me, I can’t take it anymore, I promise you that I can’t take it all anymore. Yesterday afternoon I was getting ready to leave and I thought I can’t take it anymore, there is no respite.


Terelu continued like this: «It’s just not a drop. When you think it’s a drop, you a waterfall is coming, and when you think you have bailed out, something comes back to you. “I’m serious, I was thinking about it yesterday, I’m talking, I’m sitting on a television show, but that doesn’t mean they won’t let their foot off your neck.”

And all because of the thousand fronts that have recently devastated the clan, with protagonists like José María Almoguera, Carmen Borrego’s son, and her divorce. Or the statements of Edmundo ‘Bigote’ Arrocet against the clan, which even forced María Teresa Campos’ assistant to come out in defense of the clan.

Finally, Terelu Campos assured that she will spend a few days away from the commotion trying to gain strength to overcome the situation. “Now I’m going to Malaga for a few days because I need a dose of love again,” she concluded. And she did not attend the birthday of her friend Rocío Carrasco.

The armor of Rocío Carrasco

«I don’t get involved, much less publicly. Whatever I have to talk about I will do it with her and I don’t think I should speak out. The only thing is that she already knows that I am here for whatever she needs. With that, I’m fine,” Rocío Carrasco assured the Gtres cameras when they asked her about Carmen Borrego, the other big absentee from her birthday.

What is clear is that nothing is going to break the harmony in which Rocío Carrasco now lives, very different from the situation that the ‘Campos clan’ is going through. «This project is born from a personal need of mine to be able to obtain a product that would not cause a reaction on my face and would not irritate it,” explained Rocío Carrasco about her cosmetic line. She doesn’t want anything to irritate him.



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