ANGEL CHRIST WEDDING | Sofía Cristo, to her brother Ángel de ella after her wedding in ‘Survivors’: “Can you imagine some vows like, ‘I hate you’?”

ANGEL CHRIST WEDDING | Sofía Cristo, to her brother Ángel de ella after her wedding in ‘Survivors’: “Can you imagine some vows like, ‘I hate you’?”
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Angel Christ and Ana Herminia They had a most unusual wedding this Sunday. The couple said ‘yes, I want’ in Honduras, in front of all of Spain and in a ceremony officiated by Laura Madrueño, all thanks to Supervivientes, a Telecinco program. Likewise, despite the happiness that both have shown in front of the cameras, the wedding has been involved in different conflicts, starting with how selective he has been in his boyfriend with the guests and continuing with Christ’s tense relationship with his mother and sister. Thus, one of the most anticipated moments after the wedding is the reaction of Ángel’s relatives, Bárbara Rey and Sofía Cristo.

Selective with guests

With a beautiful sunset in the background, Ana Herminia approached the altar followed by the bridesmaids, Aurah Ruiz and Blanca Manchón. The two Survivor contestants can be considered privileged, since the groom has been very selective when choosing the guests. Despite all living in the same situations and seeing each other’s faces daily, Ángel Cristo has chosen to be honest with himself and his colleagues and leave without invitation some participants with whom, it is clear, he does not get along at all. good.

Even though the bride had given approval to all the contestants to attend the ceremony, Ángel decided to reject five of her companions: Arantxa, Miri, Marietta, towers and Javier Ungría. On the other hand, and in addition to the two bridesmaids, Laura Matamoros, Gorka, Kiko Jimenez, Arkan and Pedro García Aguado They showed their happiness and excitement for having received the invitation letter that the groom himself gave them by hand.

The absence of Bárbara Rey and the ‘zaca’ of Sandra Barneda

Given the situation, one of the collaborators, Anabel Pantoja, decided to remember on set that, as with her island companions, Ángel Cristo had completely forgotten to notify her mother, Bárbara Rey, of the wedding decision: “In representation of Bárbara Rey I want to be here claiming her place, her space and her space Because I believe that Ángel Cristo. he has to call his mother and Ana Herminia has to call the future mother-in-law. It’s a wedding.” An allegation that sparked a zasca hard to forget of Sandra Barnedapresenter of Sunday’s gala, who reminded Anabel that her aunt, Isabel Pantoja, also did not want to attend the recent wedding of her own daughter, Isa P.

Shortly after, Alexia Rivas, another of the collaborators, managed to contact Barbara Rey and know his opinion about his son’s engagement, which he said he was happy about and wish you all the best. Emphasizing, above all, that he hopes that Ángel’s new marriage will last. The gazes, as expected, focused mainly on the reaction of the groom’s mother, but once known, they turned to point at Sofia Cristo, Ángel’s sister.


“May they be very happy and that’s it”

This reaction did not arrive until this Monday, when Sofía Cristo appeared before the cameras more relaxed and even smiling than in previous days: “I would have liked to see it, but I was fried. “It’s just that he left very late, I fell asleep, I fell exhausted with the weekend,” confessed Bárbara Rey’s daughter, who, however, did not hesitate to send a message to her brother and her newly minted sister-in-law: ” Congratulations. May they be very happy and that’s it, and I hope it turns out very well. That’s it, I just have nothing more to say, congratulations, it seems very good to me,” she expressed, extending her hand to Ángel despite the fact that she has made it clear on more than one occasion that for the moment He is not considering resuming their relationship. with the.

Joking that it is normal for Ángel and Ana Herminia’s vows to have been pure romanticism -“man, Can you imagine, some votes like, I hate you?“They will be nice vows, right?” she exclaimed, laughing. Sofia left it up in the air whether her mother was able to see the wedding. “I don’t know because I fell asleep. Now I’m going to do my things and then I’ll ask him, How did you see the wedding, mom?“, she concluded, leaving in the air what she thinks of her new sister-in-law and whether she also believes that she could be manipulating her brother and be the ‘culprit’ of the family breakup: “I’m not going to talk, see you later.”

The emotional votes

Before saying ‘I do’, Ángel dedicated some emotional words to Ana: “You found me at the worst moment and thanks to you I am here. You and I know that we have lived our love in another life very far away, it was so strong that God has given us the opportunity to relive it. We are twin souls. “I’m going to love you, I’m going to protect you, I’m going to make you happy, I’m going to take care of you,” the boyfriend expresses in the ‘vows’ that Sofía Cristo jokes about the next day in her statement.

Ana, for her part, promised to never fail him: “When I found you, I knew that that sad look had to be changed no matter what. I swore to protect you, fight for you and defend you. You have me forever, we are going to be happy. You deserve to be happy and “I promise you that I will make you the happiest man in the world until my last breath.”



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