Laura Escanes talks like never before about her age difference with Risto Mejide: “The best thing is not to romanticize depending on what things”



The influencer has opened up about her relationship with the presenter and their age difference, something she does not want to romanticise, but which she does not regret.

Tamara García Copado
April 30, 2024 in Bekia

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Laura Escanes premieres a new section of her popdcast ‘Between the sky and the clouds’ called ‘La intensita’, and she wanted to start with a very personal topic that has been the subject of criticism on countless occasions Throughout the years she had a relationship with Risto Mejide. The influencer has decided to talk about the age difference in relationships based on her own experience, since the television presenter has 22 years older than her.

It was at the end of 2022 when they announced their separation after seven years together and a daughter together. Although they agreed to separate their lives naturally, they have not talked much about how their breakup arose and whether the pressure due to their age difference had anything to do with it. Now she wanted to talk about this very personal part that raised so many blisters.. When they started dating, they preferred to turn a deaf ear to inappropriate comments, they got married and started a family, but then it was all over.

In this section in video format as well, it begins by saying: “Let’s talk about the age difference in relationships. How are you staying? You already know that I have received a lot of media attention for having lived a 7-year relationship with a man 22 years older than me, which 22 years is a lot. That is undeniable. But I promise you that that changes completely depending on how you look at it,” she commented by way of introduction.

Likewise, he continued saying: “Couple relationships in which the man is much older than the woman are the order of the day. But, What origin do these types of relationships have? Have they always had the same meaning as now? Do you know that there are studies that say that relationships between people who have a small age difference They are less likely to separate?

Does not ‘unsay’

What he wanted to make clear is that what he is going to count on he is not ‘unsaying’That is, he does not regret what he did in the past, but rather he is becoming aware of how everything was and what happens on a social level for these relationships to come to be. He insists he wasn’t lying when he said their relationship was cool and that she was super in love, and added: “We had some wonderful years, because it was like that and I swear to you. Honestly, here, between us, the distance and time have made me see that perhaps, with the responsibility or not that I have before so many people, it is best not to romanticize according to what things. Speak without fear but also without criticism”, he ended by saying in this small clip.

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