Going to Belén María is “going to die”


Morning of a school day. Everything is a rush to go to school, institute or work. If your destination includes passing through La Isleta along the way, patience and leaving home a little early will be your best allies. to cope with the situation on the roads in this neighborhood that between roundabouts, street closures, U-turns and, of course, the MetroGuagua is experiencing a traffic collapse.

Full buses and a string of cars form a queue on La Naval street to enter La Isleta. The buses are only waiting to reach their last stop, in Plaza Manuel Becerra; The vehicles, for their part, hope to be able to leave towards GC-1. The loss of the two-way street on Doctor José Guerra Navarro Street has meant that “all the cars have to come to Belén María to die.”account Anthonya local resident.

Loss of circulation and mobility

A group of local residents walk around looking for their morning coffee and cross through La Naval. They comment that this has always been the case since they began to get their hands on Doctor José Guerra Navarro Street due to the MetroGuagua works and from the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria they put a single direction of circulation on the road, which Before, it had two directions, entering La Isleta through Juan Rejón and leaving the neighborhood towards GC-1., which was an alternative for those people who wanted to avoid the Belén María roundabout. With the change, Now all the cars “have to come to Belén María to die” and “a Monday is horrible”says Antonio.

The friends go down from La Naval to Juan Rejón where Doctor José Guerra Navarro Street has a stop to join. They point to the road, as if it were the biggest disagreement in mobility. “There “Every Thursday at 12:00 they demonstrate to solve it.”explains Antonio, “but the mayor has said that this will not be changed, that it is how it fits into the plans.” While they are talking, several motorcycles enter in the opposite direction – it was previously allowed – and some cars also hesitate to cross the street to enter the GC-1 as before.

Cars from La Naval, crossing Manuel Becerra towards Belén María in order to join the highway / ATLÁNTICO HOY

Access problems and much more traffic

Forum for La Isleta and residents of the neighborhood have been demonstrating for five Thursdays in a row on the corner of Juan Rejón’s Hiperdino with Doctor José Guerra Navarro “protesting” for the closure of this street, which seems “fatal” to thempoint Felix , president of the association. They maintain two main reasons against this change of circulation on the road.


The first is the mobility problem caused by making it difficult to access the outpatient clinic and the senior center. “It forces people who go to the health center to, instead of entering directly through Juan Rejón Street, arrive at Belén María, turn around and enter through the highway,” says Alonso.

The closure, likewise, has a direct consequence with the increase in car breakdown, continues the president of the neighborhood association, because “the cars to decongest Juan Rejón from Manuel Becerra previously used Doctor José Guerra to take the highway. Now that cannot be done and traffic on Albareda Street will increase,” he exemplifies, “which is why, the jam is sung.”

Due to the works and plan of the Guagua, Doctor José Guerra Navarro street no longer has a two-way street / ATLÁNTICO HOY

The City Council continues with what was planned

Alonso defines the current traffic situation in the capital neighborhood as “chaotic,” but The neighbors have a greater fear, the arrival of the works to bury Belén Maríawhich they consider will make traffic even worse and pose more problems for access to La Isleta and basic infrastructure such as the health center.

Hence their insistence on the neighborhood protest requesting that the double meaning be returned to the street of discord and “everything be left as it was.” However, the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria does not seem to respond to his request. The president of the Forum for La Isleta explains that They have spoken with the Urban Planning Councilor, Mauricio Roquebut “he completely ignores us and says that this is a project that is like that. “It doesn’t come to reason”.

They have also taken the problem to its fullest. The result has been similar, “The mayor doesn’t have much interest in the matter either”. Therefore, despite the response from the municipal corporation, they do not collapse and remain firm in their objective of recovering the circulation of the road as in the past, prior to the bizarre works of the MetroGuagua that do not seem to come to an end. . ““We are going to continue protesting until this is resolved,” Alonso concludes.



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