Inflatable art comes to with ‘Pop air’


From swings to a ball pool, figures of various sizes and shapes that defy physics, in addition to a thousand colors, this is what the visitor can find in the exhibition on inflatable art Pop air, which stops for the first time in (until September 15).

The Victòria Eugènia de Montjuïc palace houses the work of fifteen international artists who have created a world in which the viewer will be able to interact between unexpected forms and works in movement that can be touched and felt, in addition to being able to dialogue and be moved.

The swings at the ‘Pop air’ exhibition

Llibert Teixidó

After sweeping large cities like Rome, Madrid, New York and London, balloons become a celebration of 17 creations in which air is the distinctive element. And the Balloon Museum uses art as a socialization tool, focusing on unconventional places, where culture invites reflective fun about new artistic expressions and techniques.

The dynamic and interactive exhibition focuses on contemporary works selected by a team of professionals specialized in art, culture and communication. The Balloon Museum has received several awards for the best original format, in addition to being one of the first exhibitions dedicated to inflatable art in which the result of facing an element like air is given visibility through a tour of large installations, sculptures inflatables and interactive works.

The museum’s objective is to show a new way of socializing through art

Francesco Dobrovich


“The goal of the museum is to show a new way of socializing through art. We created this format during the pandemic, so we believed that people would want to experience new moments in an innovative way,” says Francesco Dobrovich, the artistic director of the exhibition. “It is a unique experience, with a clear purpose: happiness and fun,” adds Dobrovich, who hopes to attract a large audience, in a city that seems “electric and perfect for trying new things.”

An exhibition whose main element is air. In fact, the fifteen artists treat it as a tangible element of the construction and a sculpture of monumental forms, but also as a suspended atmosphere endowed with an ethereal personality.

An aspect of the ‘Pop air’ exhibition

Llibert Teixidó

A tour of different rooms where you can see swings, Cloud swing, that seeks to arouse the nostalgia of whoever dares to rock the work of Lindsay Glatz. An itinerary that awakens even a person’s deepest emotions, such as discomfort, is achieved by Momoyo Torimitsu with Somehow, I don’t feel comfortable. Or a ball pit that takes you back to your most innocent childhood. Among other works that range from the exotic to the most Instagrammable.

“We are looking for people who love art without barriers, so that all members of the family can enjoy it,” says Francesco Dobrovich, the artistic director of Pop air.



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