Sergio A. Cordero and Tomás J. Portillo, champions in Jerez


With weather that made the players do their best to achieve good results and with a field in magnificent condition, the Cádiz Club Spring Tournament 2024.

The event took place last Saturday, April 27 at the Sherry Golf Jerez facilities and there they won Sergio A. Cordero (First Category, 68 hits) and Tomás J. Portillo Herrera (Second Category, 40 points). Both were the most outstanding among the 70 participants summoned by the Cádiz Golf Club.

Next to Sergio A. Cordero They shared the honor roll in the First Category: Alfonso Bruzón Gallego (second classified with 69 strokes) and Kieran Byrne (third classified with 71 strokes).

The podium in the Second Category, which was led by Tomás J. Portillo Herrerawas completed by Rafael Cabezas Guerrero (second place, 40 points) and Immaculate Houses of Ciria (third place, 40 points).

On the other hand, the players who were most accurate and won prizes were the following:

– Approach: Hole 4: Valentín Gago; Hole 7: Beatriz de Arriba; Hole 12: Óscar Muñoz; Hole 14: Miriam Montalvo.


The competition was developed in the form of Individual Medal Play for those in the First Category and Individual Stableford for those in the Second Category, competing in two categories. Up to handicap 17 in the First Category and from the aforementioned Handicap in the Second Category.

The players enjoyed a splendid morning of golf and thanks to the care and magnificent condition of the course it was possible for the players to put their skills into practice to obtain magnificent results.

In addition, the Cádiz Golf Club Spring Tournament closed with a fellowship meal among attendees and the presentation of prizes to the winners.

This tournament was included in the Social Circuit of the Cádiz Golf Club in 2023. At the end of the year, and according to the ranking, the three best players will be awarded divided into two categories.

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