Morant passes his first test on the European list with five PSPV representatives

Morant passes his first test on the European list with five PSPV representatives
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VALENCIA. The Federal List Commission of the PSOE approved this Tuesday the candidacy that will compete in the European elections on June 9. As had been ratified in the Federal Committee last Saturday, the number one will be the third vice president of the Government and Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera. The second place will be occupied Iratxe Garcíapresident of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament and, in third place, for Javi López Fernándezcurrently MEP and member of the PSC Executive.

In a Valencian key, it can be said that the new general secretary of the PSPV-PSOE, Diana Morantpassed its first test of relevance in terms of representation in the candidacy prepared by Pedro Sanchezwith two leaders in the so-called starting positions: the former minister Leire Pajín as number eight and the general secretary of Valencia city, Sandra Gomez, as number 14; two places a priori with guaranteed seats if the polls are carried out, which, as of today, give the PSOE around 18 MEPs.

According to socialist sources, the inclusion of Pajín, who was even nominated for a higher position on Tuesday afternoon, is mainly due to the influence of the former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who has been very active in the last year in supporting Pedro Sánchez. However, the former minister and former secretary of Organization also attended the closing of the PSPV congress last March in which Diana Morant was elected general secretary of the Valencian socialists. On the other hand, it is worth remembering that Pajín’s last leading role in the political front line before departing from it was at the PSPV congress in Alicante in 2012, when she gave support – along with her current, the so-called ‘pajinism’ ‘- to Ximo Puig so that it surpasses Jorge Alarte. Pajín herself was appointed deputy general secretary of the PSPV in that conclave, a position she held for a few months before saying goodbye to politics to dedicate herself to other fields.

As for Sandra Gómez, the former vice-mayor of Valencia had become Morant’s personal bet in this process. The 14th place was considered good in the ranks of the PSPV in the capital, especially after confirming the high presence of MEPs in the candidacy, which shows that Sánchez has decided to generally trust the socialist group already existing in Brussels.

However, the PSPV will have one less representative in the group, given that Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero had already announced its withdrawal, while they do not continue either Dura Starclose to José Luis Ábalosand Domenec Ruiz Devesa. The latter had indeed appeared in the pools as a possibility to continue, but finally, and despite the support of the PSPV of Alicante (with Angel Franco and Alejandro Soler), has not had a place on the list.

Now, in the candidacy there will be more Valencian representatives in symbolic positions that, although without the possibility of being elected, do have an interesting territorial value. Thus, in 29th place it appears Fran Macia, councilor of Callosa de Segura, Secretary of Organization of the PSPV in the Vega Baja region and close to Alejandro Soler. In 36th place he appears Gemma Soriano, who was part of the municipal list of Castelló de la Plana and is close to the provincial secretary, Samuel Falomir. Finally, at number 49 is the councilor of Quart de Poblet and spokesperson for the Socialists 3.0 platform, Bartolome Nofuentesa leader always focused on European issues and whose inclusion represents a nod from Morant and his entourage to l’Horta Sud.


1 Teresa Ribera Rodríguez M PSOE

2 Iratxe García Pérez M PSOE

3 Francisco Javier (Javi) López Fernández H PSOE

4 Hana Jalloul Muro M PSOE

5 Javier Moreno Sánchez H PSOE

6 Lina Galvez Muñoz M PSOE

7 Jonás Fernández Álvarez H PSOE

8 Leire Pajín Iraola M PSOE

9 César Luena López H PSOE

10 Idoia Mendía Cueva M PSOE

11 Nicolás González Casares H PSOE

12 Cristina Maestre Martín de Almagro M PSOE

13 Juan Fernando López Aguilar H PSOE

14 Sandra Gómez López M PSOE

15 José Ignacio (Ignacio) Sánchez Amor H PSOE

16 Laura Ballarín Cerezo M PSOE

17 Marcos Ros Sempere H PSOE

18 Rosa María Serrano Sierra M PSOE

19 Elena Sancho Murillo M PSOE

20 José Carmelo Cepeda García de León H PSOE

21 Alicia Homs Ginel M PSOE

22 Alejandro Moyano Molina H PSOE

23 Silvia Abascal Diego M PSOE

24 Ana María Romero Obrero M PSOE

25 Vicente Montávez Aguillaume H PSOE

26 Isabel Báez Lechuga M PSOE

27 Diego Aroca Rodas H PSOE

28 Maider Laínez Lazcoz M PSOE

29 Francisco José Maciá Serna H PSOE (Alicante

30 María del Pilar Algar Campos M PSOE


31 Antonio Méndez Mizzian H PSOE

32 Claudia Alba Rodríguez M PSOE

33 Carlos Rodríguez Casares H PSOE

34 Samia Abdelkader Maimón M PSOE

35 Gustavo Moreno Martín H PSOE

36 Gemma Soriano Barceló M PSOE (Castellón

37 Pablo Tomás Moreno Contreras H PSOE

38 Lorena Guerra Vigo M PSOE

39 Rodrigo Martínez Roncero H PSOE

40 María Isabel Montaño Requena M PSOE

41 Jesús Cózar Pérez H PSOE

42 María Ángeles Sánchez Zapata M PSOE

43 Alberto Albístegui Lazcoz H PSOE

44 María Lorena Suárez Distéfano M PSOE

45 Francisco Luis Benítez Martínez H PSOE

46 María del Pilar García Colmenero M PSOE

47 Enric López Jurado H PSOE

48 Ainhoa ​​Carbonell Allue M PSOE

49 Bartolomé Nofuentes López H PSOE (Valencia)

50 María Elba Veleiro Fernández M PSOE

51 Klever Esteve Ramells H PSOE

52 Lucía Trujillo Llamas M PSOE

53 Jorge Romanillos de la Flor H PSOE

54 Judit Verdier Sistac M PSOE

55 Raúl Pesquera Cabezas H PSOE

56 Sabrin Yermak Moumen M PSOE

57 Piotr Sadowski H PSOE

58 María Tirado Contreras M PSOE

59 Ramon Gómez Fernández H PSOE

60 Estefanía González Bizarro M PSOE

61 Raquel Castaño Peña M PSOE


S1 Ángela Martínez Pradas M PSOE

S2 Miguel Ángel Herrera Gutiérrez H PSOE

S3 Carolina Martínez Martínez M PSOE

S4 Miguel Ángel Esteban Pérez H PSOE

S5 Noemí Gomila Carretero M PSOE



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