Adelante Cádiz signs up for Netflix

Adelante Cádiz signs up for Netflix
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THE scarce leaders who remain in Adelante Cádizbecause of the need to take home a public salary, it is noted that They are fans of Netflix.

Since the polls left them in the opposition, after eight years of shaky government in the city, they have copied the plots of some of the most popular series on this platform and have created, following this script, a past parallel to the one that we have all truly lived, and suffered, in relation to their time as rulers.

Otherwise you cannot understand the statements that its councilors have been making for months, as a way of opposing, or trying to oppose, the current PP government.

They defend and praise, without the slightest hint of self-criticism, despite the slap received by citizens almost a year ago, their work between 2015 and 2023 with such audacity that they include in their ‘credit’ the few things that were done in this mandate, although at the time they battled against them.

Projects, well, signed by their government partners, which AC ignored at the time and which, in some cases, they even tried to sabotage.

Now, in this parallel that they have set up, they position themselves as protagonists and inductors of these projects, which stand out as relevant for the city and that now, they say, the ruling PP takes advantage of (something that, on the other hand, is part of the logic of management: Teófila Martínez took advantage of what Carlos Díaz had done; Kichi did the same with all the advances achieved by Martínez and now Bruno García brings order and complements the little he has received as an inheritance, in some cases poisoned).

So, The councilors of Adelante Cádiz receive medals for the civic and cultural use of renovated public spaces such as those in the Plazas de España and Candelaria. And they forget that they themselves did not want to know anything about these works when they were being carried out, when the then mayor, José María González, preferred not to visit a work because there were neighbors opposed to them.

And they also wear medals with the control of the occupation of public roads, andn a parallel reality in which they ignore the harsh conflict that occurred over this ordinance between them and Ganar Cádiz (promoter of the same). A conflict that ended with a decree by which the previous mayor washed his hands and left the management of this rule in the hands of the then mayor of Urban Planning (of Ganar Cádiz, too). No doubt to avoid fights between the two groups as happened with the terraces of the bars on La Palma street.

In this parallel world that has been set up in Adelante, They appear as great defenders of public housing. In the reality that they seek to hide, however, they themselves appear subtracting money from the budget in response to requests from the Housing Department to build new developments.


And already, they talk about urban transport and its problems. Here, without a doubt, we must agree with them. Taking a bus at an intermediate stop during rush hour is still an ordeal today, given how simple it is to reinforce the service. But they forget that they spent eight years without being able to finish writing the tender to award a new service. And then the full buses also passed by.

Ten months without assuming its reality

Ten months of opposition is more than enough time for Adelante Cádiz to have assumed its new situation. Both those who were left without pay from the City Council and those who still live off it, for the moment.

Incapable of self-criticism about why they lost power (as also happened to the PP in 2015), today, in addition to creating an unreal past to suit themselves, they once again use the same weapons with which they supported themselves, in part, to reach to power almost a decade ago.

Enthusiasts of social networks (which allows them to save having to travel around the city to learn about its reality and see its problems, which those from AC did not do in eight years, with the excuse of family conciliation), They also copy the fashion of blaming others for their ineffectiveness.

In this case, the penultimate chapter has been signed with the unfortunate management of the current local government regarding changes in the names of certain streets. An ideal gift for the opposition when it comes to questioning the municipal operation in something, a priori, so simple, they end up dirtying it with alleged collusion and evil influences that, as always for them, arise from the press.

And if it was not enough, The Adelante spokesperson does not hesitate to demand that the local government “apologize” for these management errors. It wouldn’t be bad, certainly, but it would be asked by someone who was in the orbit of a supposedly progressive government that undertook campaigns of harassment, demolition and insults towards its own officials (with special virulence against female officials, in the face of general silence) recently arrived in San Juan de Dios in 2015, and that They were never able to ask for forgiveness, it is at least offensive to the entire citizenry.

If more agility can be demanded from the government of Bruno García in the management of the city, after about a year in office; To the team that David de la Cruz commands from Adelante Cádiz, those who voted for him could well demand a minimum work effort. Effort to make a serious opposition, to propose projects for the city and to know the day-to-day problems of the city. Of course, if they didn’t do it in eight years, they will hardly do it now.

As if that were not enough, in these months a double strategy, a double operation, has been confirmed in this left-wing coalition. Those within it who are part of Izquierda Unida act independently both in controlling the PP government and in proposing projects.

It is clear that there are those within IU who have seen with surprise, because they are soft, how Adelante Cádiz has now defended housing, urban mobility and occupation of public roads policies that it ignored and tried to slow down during its time in government. What they don’t know at IU is that Adelante is committed to Netflix and parallel stories and worlds.



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