More than a hundred doctors leave Córdoba in one year to look for work outside

More than a hundred doctors leave Córdoba in one year to look for work outside
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The flight of medical professionals from the province of Córdoba continues year after year, as recorded in the latest Medical Demographic Report in Andalusia of the Andalusian Council of Medical Colleges (CACM), with data from the fiscal year 2023.

According to said report, last year it closed in Córdoba with 3,683 active medical professionals, while in all of Andalusia the figure has reached 36,189. Of all the doctors in Córdoba, 2,451 work in the public sector – which represents 66.5% of the total -, 685 in private healthcare and 547 in both systems.

What the document also makes evident is that throughout last year there were 102 members from Cordoba who left the province looking for a job outside. Of all of them, 52 opted for other cities in Spain, while 43 moved to other areas within Andalusia. In addition, of the total, seven went abroad.

This is a figure that is similar to that recorded in previous years. For example, in 2020 the number of doctors who left the province of Córdoba was 95, while in 2021 the figure reached 113, the highest figure included in this document. For its part, in 2022 the number of collegiate physicians from Córdoba who transferred was 94.

The reasons for these transfers do not find a single explanation, as commented this week by the president of the CACM, Dr. Jorge Fernandez Parrawhich has aimed at the greatest Offer of transfer competitions from the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), as a possible response behind this greater movement of medical personnel between Andalusian provinces, and which, in addition, has highlighted the “attractiveness” of the Andalusian community for MIR training.


However, the document states that in the province of Córdoba there are a total of 4,509 registered physicians, of which 2,257 are men and 2,252 women. Of all of them, 3,683 are active and 826 are not.

Refering to age of the Córdoba medical staff, the report reveals that in Córdoba 478 They are in the age group between 65 and over 70 years old. For its part, the largest group is that of doctors under 35 years of age, which adds up to a total of 969. Next comes the group that is between 55 and 64 years old, with a total of 874, followed by the doctor group that are between 35 and 44 years old, with 724. The group of doctors who are between 45 and 54 years old closes the classification, which in the case of the province of Córdoba adds up to a total of 638.

Another data collected in the report is the number of active members per number of inhabitants and, in the case of the province of Córdoba, it is 211 doctors, which represents a rate of 4.74 doctors per thousand inhabitants.

More MIR places since 2012

The document of the Andalusian Council of the College of Physicians also includes the number of MIR places by province since 2012 and, in the case of the province of Córdoba, in all these years, the amount has registered an increase of 36.68%, to the go from the 106 offered 12 years ago to 147 in fiscal year 2023.

In this period of time, the number of positions has always been growing and, for example, in 2020 the amount was 131, while the following year it rose to 137, and in 2022 there were 142.



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