almost 100,000 people prefer another province

almost 100,000 people prefer another province
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A total of 92,607 Almería residents live outside of Almería. They do it somewhere else in Spain. Which means that almost the 13% of the inhabitants of the province and the 9.3% of all Andalusians who live outside the region.

The people of Jaén far exceed that figure, contributing 265,000 people to the Andalusian exodus in Spain, while the people of Granada match the statistics of the people of Cordoba with others 217,000 people. At the other extreme, Huelva is the province that has the fewest people spread throughout the rest of the country, with only 49,911 people from Huelva outside Andalusia (3.9% of the total community).

Regarding the place to which Almeria residents emigrate within Spain, Catalonia is the preferred community with a total of 44,997 people residing after being born in Almería. Within Catalonia, the province of Barcelona provides shelter to a total of 36,808 Almeria. Therefore, half of all Almerians who live in the rest of Spain do so in Catalonia and almost half in Barcelona.

The Valencian Community follows with 12,455 Almeria (of which 7,114 live in Alicante) and the Region of Murcia with 11,328. Behind is Madrid with 10,132 people.

And among the least preferred places by the people of Almería are Zamora, with 62 censused Almerians, Soria (57) and Palencia, in the tail car, with 56.

Regarding the sex of the people who live abroad, they are a total of 50,630 women and 41,977 men. In Catalonia, the most populated community of Almerians is a total of 19,399 men and 25,598 women.


Regarding age, it is from 60 years where the bulk of Almerians who live far from their province settle, representing a total of 59,858 people, that is, the 64.3% of all the people of Almería who live outside the province. The smallest number of citizens outside the province occurs between 0 and 4 yearswith a total of 633 people. And the greatest among 70 and 74 yearsthese being 11,916 Almeria.

On the other hand, according to the report on Andalusians in the world also published this Wednesday by the IECA, also taking as reference January 1, 2023he 1.2% of people born in Andalusia resided abroad, or in other words, 102,877 people (the 83.5% resided in the Community, while the 15.3% the rest of Spain resided). These data are based on the Register of Spaniards Resident Abroad (PERE), which includes people of Spanish nationality residing abroad and registered in a municipality.

Of all of them, 9,907 They were Cordoba residents on the five continents (7,754 in Europe; 54 in Africa; 1,627 In America; 154 in Asia; and 318 in Oceania).

High percentage of the Andalusian population

Based on the provincial distribution of registration, Málaga, Granada and Almería concentrated the 23.4%, 19.1% and 16.1% of Andalusians residing abroad, respectively. Huelva, with the 3.2%, was the one with the smallest number of registrations. Regarding age, the 12.5% of this population had less than 15 yearsand the 22.4% had 65 years or more.

As for Almerians residing abroad, there are currently a total of 52,799being the third province with the largest number of citizens outside of Spain after Malaga and Granada.

Europe and America bring together the majority of Almeria residents who have decided to leave the province. Total, 3,075 Almeria residents have left the Almeria province during the last year, the destination being 1,819 people the continent of America.



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