Street vending in Murcia | The PP of Murcia buries the PSOE street vending ordinance and remakes it from scratch

Street vending in Murcia | The PP of Murcia buries the PSOE street vending ordinance and remakes it from scratch
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The PP of Murcia buries the PSOE street vending ordinance and remakes it from scratch

Clean slate. This is what must have been said in the Department of Commerce headed by Jesús Pacheco regarding the ordinance that will regulate street vending in the municipality of Murcia. Despite the fact that there was a very advanced draft, which was made by the socialist Executive of José Antonio Serrano, andThe popular government team has decided to ignore it (it has raised doubts) and start from scratch. According to municipal sources, it was a very generic text and they even doubted whether it was agreed upon with the representatives of the sector. However, from the Socialist Group remember that the draft was made with the consensus of all the associations and that it was even provided to the rest of the political groups, who did not make any contribution. “If they start from scratch it is on a whim and two years of work will be lost,” say socialist sources.

The machinery to design the new regulations has already been launched and last Monday the mayor of Tourism, Commerce and Consumer Affairs met with the main groups: the Association of Street Commerce of the Region of Murcia and the Association of Street Vendors of Murcia and Pedanías (AVAMP) to provide them with a new draft that the department of popular councilor Jesús Pacheco has been working on.

For now, the popular Executive wants to go step by step and with lead feet and it does not have toIt has not been possible to advance any of the new features that will be included in the future ordinance, which comes 13 years after the last one was approved.which dates back to 2011, that is, it has not even been updated to the latest national street vending law, which is from 2014.

It is worth remembering that the socialists announced at the time that their ordinance, among other novelties, would extend the validity period of authorizations from four to eight years, the obligation to have civil liability insurance and legalize license transfers in case of retirement, death or permanent disability. What will the popular ones do with all these changes? The answer is not clear. From the City Council they limit themselves to saying that they will analyze each of these points with the street vendors.

For Juan Fernando Vinagrepresident of the Association of Street Commerce of the Region of Murcia, it is great news that the Executive has taken the bull by the horns to reactivate this process and highlights that “many things in the draft still need to be polished, but the direction it has is very good”.


The new ordinance must also address the great challenge of filling the hundreds of vacancies that are estimated to exist. According to Vinagre, since 2014 no license has been granted and this blockade has meant that there are currently between 300 and 500 vacancies in the municipality (especially in the La Fama market). “It is money that the City Council is stopping receiving (via tax), but the main thing is that there are many families that need to work and make use of those positions that are free.”

No licenses from 2024

It is worth remembering that In March 2022, the City Council, then governed by PSOE and Ciudadanos, carried out a study on real vacancies and assured that there were close to 600, for which there was a waiting list of more than 1,000 people. However, this process was never carried out.

Another of the challenges facing the City Council is the relocation of sales positions. The president of the street vendors remembers that many things have changed since 2014. “Shops and bars have appeared that will have to be made way for, bike lanes have been created and pivots have been placed, in short, there is a lot of work ahead in the redistribution of spaces,” he points out.

Regarding the possibility of transferring the positions, the president of the Street Commerce Association He prefers to be cautious. “It is one of the points that we are looking at and analyzing from a legal point of view, but yes, it is something that we view favorably,” he says.

Currently, the City Council has more than 1,000 vendors working in the municipality and more than 2,400 authorizations, since it is common for a vendor to hold several licenses for different markets.



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