Rafa ’s exciting ‘Thank you’ message during his farewell in Madrid: “Forever” – El Partidazo de COPE

Rafa ’s exciting ‘Thank you’ message during his farewell in Madrid: “Forever” – El Partidazo de COPE
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The Manuel Santana court in Madrid experienced an unforgettable night. The Madrid public was able to say goodbye to Rafa and Rafa Nadal was able to say goodbye to the public of one of the most important Masters 1000 on the ATP calendar.

Having just finished the round of 16 match against the Czech Lehecka, Nadal acknowledged the emotion of having been able to play, for the last time, the Mutua Madrid Open: “It is special to have played once again on a court that has given me everything in every sense, also emotionally.“.

A few weeks ago I didn’t really know if I would be able to compete in an official match again, and this week has been unforgettable. All I can do is say thank you, it has been a very special trip.“, highlighted Nadal who recalled having participated for the first time in 2003, 21 years ago, until “today, where everything has been love and unconditional support from everyone“said Rafa Nadal before five banners were displayed with images of the tournaments won by Rafa Nadal on the clay court of Madrid and the word ‘Thank you’.

“I’ll take it forever”

After the display of the banners and the projection of a video tribute on the screens of the Caja Mágina, Nadal, now alone in the center of the court and with the entire public on their feet, resumed his message.

Appearance of the Magic Box during Rafa Nadal’s farewell message. EFE


Nadal broke the ice with a joke: “It was a joke, I’ll be back next year!“and returned with his words of gratitude.

I can only thank everyone who has helped me in this career, that although it is not over, here in Madrid is the last time I will be there. The emotions I take away from this track are something that will stay with me forever.“said an also emotional Nadal, who kept his closest people with permanent tears in their eyes.

I have been lucky to have been able to make what was a hobby my job and do it in an outstanding way. I feel super lucky for everything I have experienced. I can not ask for anything more“.

Nadal also wished the best to the new generations. It should be noted that his ‘executioner’ on the night of his farewell is a player who was only a year old the year the Manacorí debuted in the Caja Mágica. “I hope it has been a positive example for new generations. titles and moments are exciting, sport generates hope and emotion. And from what I see, I have also generated that emotion in all of you“.

The only thing I can say is thank you, I can’t say anything else. It’s the only thing I feel. It was a day that is difficult when it arrives, it is reality, but life and my body have been sending me signs for some time that this day had to come. Thank you very much for everything. Thank you for making me live this moment!“, he concluded before retiring to the locker room.



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