The surgical waiting list in Salamanca skyrockets with 1,248 more people in the first quarter of 2024

The surgical waiting list in Salamanca skyrockets with 1,248 more people in the first quarter of 2024
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We Salamanca are the people of Castile and Leon who wait the most for a surgical intervention and we also have the hospital with more pending operations from the entire Community. According to data published by SACYL, during this first quarter of 2024 the surgical waiting list remains well above the rest of the provinces, with 178 days on averageas well as the number of pending operations, no less than 7,741 people, 1,248 more than in the last quarter of 2023, which represents an increase of 16 percent.

These figures correspond to patients in structural wait, that is, those who are in a position to undergo surgery and whose wait is attributable to the organization and available resources. If we add to this list those who appear as temporarily non-schedulable, that is, whose intervention is not possible for some clinical or personal reason or those who wait after refusing to have surgery in an alternative center, the The total number of patients pending surgery in Salamanca would be 9,380 people.982 more than the previous quarter, which closed with 8,398 patients.

The University Assistance Complex of Salamanca, CAUSA, has a delay of 64 days above the average for the rest of the Community, which is 114 days. Figures that worsen depending on the specialties. Thus, according to the data managed by SACYL, Neurosurgery is the one with the most delays in Salamanca with 230 days of average waiting timefollowed by traumatology, with 228 days. Very high figures despite the fact that both specialties have achieved a decrease compared to the previous quarter’s data. In the case of neurosurgery, the wait has been reduced by 4.5 percent and in traumatology by 12 percent. An effort to increase the pace of operations has also led to a decrease in the number of patients waiting, which in the case of neurology are 347 while in traumatology there are 2,455.

Salamanca Hospital waiting list 1st quarter 2024

Due to waiting time, specialties such as angiology and vascular surgery with an average waiting time of 222 days and urology, with 205 days. Gynecology It is the specialty that waits the least, with only 45 days on average and a list of only 85 people on the list waiting for an intervention, most of them with a cumulative wait of less than 90 days and none would exceed six months.

Regarding the number of people waiting for an intervention by specialties traumatology It would be the most collapsed. Of the 2,455 patients who wait, more than half do so for more than six months, specifically 851 wait between 181 and 365 days and 509 do so for more than a year. General and digestive system surgery It has 1,540 people waiting 188 days. In this specialty, it is curious that the list of patients has increased by 428 people compared to the previous quarter and, however, professionals in the area have managed to reduce the average waiting time by 29 days, finally remaining at 188 days on average.


Ophthalmology It is another of the specialties that accumulates the largest number of patients in Salamanca. In total, 1,064 people, 38 percent more than the previous quarter. Despite this, they have an average wait of two months.

As for the rest of the provinces of the CommunitySalamanca is in the lead both in the number of patients waiting for an intervention and in the time it takes to be able to do it. Of the 34,834 patients waiting throughout the community, 22 percent do so at CAUSA, a total of 7,741. It is followed by the León Care Complex, with 6,475 people and the Burgos University Care Complex with 4,356 people. In waiting time, Salamanca is at 178 days, one less than the previous quarter. It is followed by the El Bierzo Hospital with 136 days, the León Care Complex with 135 days and the Valladolid University Clinical Hospital with 114 days. The rest are waiting less than a hundred days, with Palencia being the one with the least.

waiting list all cyl hospitals

On the other hand, SACYL has also published data on the number of patients waiting for a first external consultation. In Salamanca, 867 people are in this situation, with an average waiting time of four days. Valladolid surpasses it with 1,544 people. In total, in Castilla y León there are 7,348 patients waiting for their first outpatient consultation.

On the other hand, in Castilla y León the most frequent processes on the waiting list Surgical operations are age-related cataract operations, other cataracts, knee osteoarthritis, inguinal hernia, acquired deformities of the fingers and toes, hip osteoarthritis, internal knee disorder, other diseases and unspecified diseases of the nose and eyes. sinuses, cholelithiasis, shoulder injuries, ventral hernia or prostate hypertrophy.



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