“In Spain they are copying what has already worked for Trump”

“In Spain they are copying what has already worked for Trump”
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“In Spain they are copying what has already worked for Trump”Loyola Pérez de Villegas

‘Until the end of the world’, the second film directed and written by Viggo Mortensen, and in which he himself stars alongside Vicky Crieps, talks about love and forgiveness, violence and revenge, individual freedom and collective commitment. And to talk about all this he has used a genre as old and supposedly conservative as the western. “The thing is that, as a skeleton, the western genre can address many themes,” he defends. And it also allows you to show the contrast of an era with a woman as the main character of the film, a woman who is not a superhero, who has ordinary courage and ordinary decency, but who insists on being free even though she can’t control everything. , because he lives in a society dominated by violent and corrupt men.

Can’t you count a woman like that in the 21st century?

Yes, but it would be more normal to have a woman like her nowadays. Sometimes, looking at things from a distance, in the past, it is easier to see the to our times. Greenbook, which took place in 1962, had lessons for today without anyone being able to say ‘it’s not exactly like that’. Some things have changed, but not enough. A woman like this stands out in her time, she is strong, stubborn and independent, and with her we can see women and men of our time.

The western is a genre to which young people seem to have turned their backs.

I think it’s a genre that will never disappear. The golden age of the western will not return, when it was 40% of film production and was a safe market for the studio because they knew that in the small towns and cities of North they were a guarantee. They were films that reinforced the mythology of the origins of the States, the right to conquer the continent, they deified the railroads, the sheriffs… Many westerns were made and almost all of them were very bad, but even the bad westerns can be learn.

What does this film have about the history of your family, your mother and father and when they settled in Argentina to raise cattle in search of a better life?

There may be something to it, but I wasn’t aware of it when I wrote this movie. I had the initial theme, which was that girl with whom I imagined what my mother was like at that age, with her fantasy and her ideas. My mother always had a great imagination and she was the one who took me to the movies for the first time. She could have been a good screenwriter or a good director, because she was very interested in the composition of the films, the story, who worked on the films… she was a cinephile, not academically but because she loved cinema. And that love was instilled in me.

The film’s protagonist also has a very particular idea of ​​family, which has more to do with collective commitment than with common blood.


It’s like any relationship at any time. Any relationship between two people does not prosper if one party does not adapt to the other. In the film, my character returns after a long absence, sees the surprise that awaits him and knows that if he doesn’t adapt to that it won’t work. And she also adapts to him, because she knows that if she doesn’t adapt, her relationship won’t work. Forgive yourself, forgive the other, respect the other’s decisions even if sometimes it is difficult. You have to give the other freedom to be together.

Another modernity: when Holger Olsen tells Vivianne that in this life he wants to do “as little as possible.” And after a while, when he reproaches her for getting up from sleeping so late, she responds that why shouldn’t she spend the day sleeping. A praise for laziness?

I guess, life is short. Well, I also defend work, being professionally consistent, being responsible. But not everything is money, not everything is work. It’s nice to have the opportunity to reflect and be with the other person without the pressure of having to do something supposedly useful at all times… Sometimes, it’s useful to do nothing.

Pedro Sánchez has announced that he was not going to resign. How have you lived these five days here in Spain?

It was predictable that they were going to tell him everything for bringing up the subject, but to me it seems healthy to talk about the blatant lies of people who are lying completely and absolutely consciously. There are no grays there. In Spain and other countries, something that has already worked in the United States has been copied, especially by Trump and the Republican Party, a party that he holds hostage and which he has convinced that if you have no shame or moral compass you can reach very far.

Even, as Trump himself said, go down Fifth Avenue shooting and no one tells you anything.

Yes, like the landowner’s son in my movie.

If we dressed him in black, Trump could be a good Western bad guy.

Yes perfectly. The western never ends.



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