Malaga CF | The accounts that Málaga CF needs to qualify for the play off

Malaga CF | The accounts that Málaga CF needs to qualify for the play off
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Málaga CF’s accounts to certify the play off this SundayGregorio Marrero

The objective of Malaga CF has varied during the different sections of the season. Without becoming an obligation, ranking first to achieve direct promotion was the main desire during the summer and the first months of the season, in which a positive dynamic was established despite the defeat in Castalia.

After assuming that Castellón himself would be the owner and lord of that first place, the target was located in the second, to guarantee home field in the second leg of the play off duels. The Malaguistas, despite the recent draws, believed in the possibility of finishing in second place, although last Sunday’s defeat against Córdoba In the Nuevo Arcángel they squandered any possibility of cutting the eight points plus goal average that currently separate the Córdoba team from the Blue and White team.

With the first two places discarded, it is the third which becomes the most ambitious sigh with four league games left. Málaga’s scoring pace has not been brilliant, but the pronounced decline of Ibiza (who dismissed their coach last Monday) in the second round keeps them third, although one point behind Pellicer’s team. Despite the objective of reaching the Balearic Islands, the anchovies should not get lost, since their presence in the qualifying rounds for promotion to the Second Division has not yet been mathematically official.

What should happen this day?

This weekend Málaga’s qualification for the playoffs could be official, although it does not depend on itself. There will be four points of attention: Real Murcia-Castellón, Ceuta-Antequera, Intercity-Recreativo de Huelva and Málaga CF-Mérida.

Simple accounts arrive with the people of Huelva. If Pellicer’s team wins on Sunday, it will not matter what happens with Recre’s visit to the Alicante team. They will not be able to surpass Martiricos’ team in the three remaining days.


Much more complex are the mathematics with Real Murcia and Antequera. In these two cases, it is not enough for Málaga CF to just win, but they need their two rivals to draw or lose. There are as many guesses as there are possibilities for the results. The important thing is the points that remain away. If Málaga CF and Real Murcia finish the day with a difference of 9, it will be one less rival for the blue and white team as they have the average in their favor.

The same does not happen, for the moment, with those of El Torcal. If they both finish at 9 points, There is still the second round match -penultimate day-. Hence, we still have to wait if they repeat victory, draw or defeat with those from the capital.

Sergio Pellicer laments during the duel against Real Murcia.

Beyond the numbers

Accounts aside, Málaga must achieve victory to correct the negative feelings offered by the last matches and the rumor that has established itself among the fans. The defeat in Córdoba was a blow to the Malaguistas’ morale, which had just added four draws in five games, three of them at home. Despite the fact that before the clash in the Nuevo Arcángel they had gone ten consecutive games without knowing defeat, everything revolved around the inability to convince on the pitch of Sergio Pellicer’s team.

The possibility of reaching third place, guarded by an Ibiza in decline that dismissed Guillermo Fernández Romo after the defeat in El Maulí, is presented as a burning nail to which the Malaguistas intend to hold on to maintain their ambition for the last four dates of the Primera RFEF regular season. After having reduced expectations as the season has progressed, Málaga faces the key stretch with certain doubts. Therefore it is vital to reach the almost mathematical play off immersed in the best possible dynamics.



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