They cannot find workers for their well-known restaurant in Valladolid

They cannot find workers for their well-known restaurant in Valladolid
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This Wednesday, May 1, we celebrate the International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day. This day is considered to be the commemoration of the world labor movement, a day that has usually been used to complete different social and labor demands in favor of the working classes. It is a national holiday in most countries in the world.

Speaking of workers, that’s what they’re looking for Guillermo Moreno and David García. They, 30 and 28 years old respectively, are the owners of a well-known restaurant in Valladolid that bears the name of Pangea, and is located on Estadio Street in the city of Pisuerga, in a perfect place for tapas and to enjoy their Signature cuisine with the best flavors.

“The hospitality industry, currently, is frowned upon because of what is sold on television, social networks and advertising. We, young people, inherited a hospitality industry that took advantage of workers, paying them poorly or taking away their days off. We want to do things well, but from those muds come these sludges,” confesses Guillermo in statements to EL ESPAÑOL from Castilla y León.

Image of the dining room of the Pangea Restaurant

Pangea had a staff of five workers in total, including Guillermo and David. Both, the first in the kitchen and the second in the living room, along with two other full days and another half day. In total, five. Now there are only three. They are looking for two more workers to continue the business, like the two years it has been open.

However, it is not being easy and both friends are already at the limit. If they can’t find someone “Eager and young” they consider “not closing” but “yes, reducing the space and the number of tables.”

A real shame.

From Menorca to Valladolid and a lifetime of being friends

We are two workers in the world of hospitality, who put in many hours, and who wanted, two years ago, to set up our business. We embarked on the adventure and here we are, after two years, fighting. We have known each other all our lives and we have been friends all this time,” David García assures this newspaper.

Both friends have been working non-stop in the complicated world of hospitality for more than 10 years. Complicated and also sacrificial. Guillermo has passed through La Garrocha, he has been to Madrid, Ibiza and even Menorca, as a cook. David has worked in the Palacio de Santa Ana, in a well-known terrace in Laguna de Duero and even in El Erchus, a well-known churrería in Pucelana.

“In 2019 we both worked together in Menorca. I was head chef, and David worked in the front room. In 2021 we decided to return to Valladolid, our homeland, to undertake our adventure in Pangea. We open in May 2022, we are going to do it two years now,” confesses Guillermo.


Two years of hard work to which is now added the puzzle of finding personnel to increase the workforce in search of the long-awaited stability.

Guillermo and David in front of their restaurant

Looking to expand the workforce

“A few months ago we were five workers. Guillermo, me, two full days and another half. One in the kitchen, another in the living room and part-time was also in the living room. We have had bad luck and we have been left with three. We look for young people but we don’t find anyone who wants to work,” says David.

Guillermo adds that They are looking for someone “young” and “who wants to learn” in the hospitality profession.. “We don’t hold anything back. We are going to teach them everything we know,” she says, and even goes so far as to confess that there are “some of the candidates that he has stood up before the interview.”

“We are not considering closing the business if we do not find anyone who wants to work. Yes, transform ourselves and reduce spaces. We want to send the message that now the hospitality industry is not like before. He doesn’t get up early or stay up late. We are looking for someone who wants to grow professionally and professionally,” they both add.

Let’s hope they finally manage to find them. It’s not being easy.

A stability

On this worker’s day, marked on the calendar of many, how nice it would be if David and Guillermo found the perfect person to help them and lend a hand so that the business continues to move forward as it has since May 22. All in search of that stability and finding those responsible and eager young people.

Everything to be part of a family that lives in the 183 square meters of which the Pangea Restaurant is made up.. All with a subtle and simple decoration that makes one feel at home enjoying the international cuisine in its tapas and on the menu.

The star dish is the Corvina Ceviche, although the sam, or cannelloni, and lemon pie also stand out, to enjoy a dessert with a unique flavor.

A place that deserves to continue growing and find the long-awaited workers they are looking for.



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