The US denounces the “harassment” of the media in Pedro Sánchez’s Spain

The US denounces the “harassment” of the media in Pedro Sánchez’s Spain
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While Pedro Sanchez prepares its offensive against critical media, the US has warned, in its latest annual report, about some of the risks that threaten the free press in Spain. The document, to which OKDIARIO has had access, was released last week, and it details, by chapter, the state of human rights in our country. Regarding the freedom of the presshighlights, for example, the existence of “harassment” by “government officials” and “politicians” against “certain media outlets and journalists.”

The US State Department report is based, on this point, on the analysis of Reporters Without Borders which, it states, “reported that there was a growing number of journalists facing harassment on social networks by polarized politicians and trolls. The report from this organization also points out that “harassment and lynching on social networks” in Spain “are clearly on the rise, particularly by leaders and trolls extreme right and extreme left.

“Polarized politicians”

The States also echoes in its new report the risk that the “polarized politicians”. He also remembers that the Constitution “protects freedom of expression, including for members of the press and other media” and that the Government “generally respected that right.” The US highlights the importance of “some independent mediaa Effective Judiciary and a democratic political system” as guarantees of “freedom of expression.”

He also points out the use of Citizen Security Law to restrict freedom of expression, and that “the Police arrested journalists” based on this norm. Also, that “members of the press were subject to lawsuits to deny their right to protect the confidentiality of their sources.”

In previous years, the US report expressly denounced the “attacks” by Pedro Sánchez’s Government on the media: “Pedro Sánchez accused the conservative media of agitating society every time the right loses an election,” it stated. example the 2021 report.

The document launched harsh criticism not only against Sánchez, but also against Pablo Iglesias, pointing out that he had threatened to send journalists imprisoned for publishing “compromising information” about Podemos.

This new report from the US is known in the midst of Sánchez’s strategy against critical media outlets for information about his wife, Begoña Gómez.


After announcing his continuity in La Moncloa, the socialist president has confirmed that his objective is to go against the media, whom he blames for spreading “hoaxes”, calling on society to “fight” the “mud machinery” for “democracy.” . According to Sánchez, it is necessary to open the debate on “what to do in the face of lies, tension, insidiousness, defamation” and “the rise of pseudo media, associations that defame and try to judicialize cases without evidence and the parties that form them.” part of the mud machinery. “It is a very dangerous drift that deteriorates our democracy,” he insisted this Monday, in an interview in RTVE.


The US annual report also echoes the blockade of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), due to Pedro Sánchez’s refusal to accept that judges choose their peers, as established by Brussels.

The document recalls that the Constitution protects an “independent Judiciary” and points out that the Government “in general, respected judicial independence and impartiality.”

However, he highlights the “concern” over the “lack of political agreement” to appoint the new members of the CGPJ, referring here to the annual evaluation of the European Commission which, last year, urged Spain to “initiate reforms to allow the majority of appointments to be made by the judges themselves,” states the United States Department of State.

The reform to renew the highest body of judges is another of Sánchez’s objectives, who this Tuesday has already warned that “if the PP continues” in what he considers a “hijacking of the Judiciary, democracy, Parliament will need to articulate mechanisms to get the government of the judges out of this regrettable situation.

In that plan there would be reduction of three-fifths majority which is now required for the election of CGPJ members to have an absolute majority, in addition to avoiding the Senate election and concentrating up to 16 appointments in .



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