Sánchez replenishes Pajín on the European list and Morant places Gómez

Sánchez replenishes Pajín on the European list and Morant places Gómez
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The initial plan It began to be disrupted after the congress that crowned Diana Morantas new leader of PSPV. Then came the reappearance of Pajín, who has stayed away from the political front line in recent years, in a gesture of support for the also Minister of Science.

Pajín, highly questioned at the time by the right, today represents the tobacco law, the value of one of the first young women in high command and the legacy of Rodríguez Zapatero. The connection of the current PSOE with that stage is strong. The result of this is that Ferraz proposed to Morant the recovery of Pajín on the list for the June 9 elections.

Thus, the general secretary has had to go out of her way, say party sources, to get a second name in a clear starting position. There has been concern in recent days, because there are gaps for specialists in the European institutions. If you remove those and the names with pedigree in the party on a national scale (Javi López, from the PSC; Hana Jalloulfrom the Madrid federation; Cesar Luenaformer Secretary of Organization, or Idoia Mendiaformer leader of the PSE), Sandra Gomez It would be the first of those considered ‘external’.

Hours before Ferraz released the list, finally approved yesterday after a first postponement over the weekend due to the reflection of Pedro Sánchez, the Valencian management even managed a lower position for the former vice-mayor of Valencia. They understand the 14 as “an achievement”, “a success”. In his favor, he has said that it is a large city, a powerful federation and, according to these sources, the ability to influence at the highest level of Morant, the minister who President of the goverment has considered the best to lead the PSPVin this stage of opposition in the Valencian Community.

Morant, Puig and Pajín during the closing ceremony of the PSPV congress in Benicàssim.

Leadership remodeling

The former vice mayor of Valencia supported Morant from the first moment in the succession process in the PSPVand now, with command in place, the leader returns that support in the form of endorsement to undertake a new political adventure in Brussels for which Gómez officially applied two weeks ago, but whose name began to be heard before, in March Your choice also entails internal movements,with renewal of the spokesperson in the Valencia City Councilwhich will happen to Borja Sanjuanand the future poster for the town hall in 2027. This last piece of information is key in the operation.

What is taken for granted is that the PSPVat least, will have two representatives in the European Parliament since, barring a catastrophe, both will be elected. In the last European contest, in 2019, the PSOE won 21 seats with 32.8% of the vote, so even if there was a drop in support, the margin is wide, even more so if you take into account that on this occasion they are distributed seven more seats due to the increase in population and the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU.

After those elections the PSPVHe managed to sneak up to three representatives into the European Parliament, of which none remain. Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero, who had been an MEP since 2014, already announced that she was resigning. Nor was she expected to be Dura Starone of the last to enter the last term due to its proximity to José Luis Ábalosthen Secretary of Organization and Minister.

More striking is the absence of the Alicante Doménech Ruiz Devesaformer advisor to Josep Borrell and which had the support of the president of the PSPV, Alejandro Solerto enter the European ballot.

Other symbolic names

Pajín and Gómez are not the only Valencian names on the ballot. It is also found, although with low possibilities of choice, Francisco José Maciá, from Vega Baja. He is running in position 29. It is difficult for him to enter, but in a five-year term and possible changes in positions among the previous ones, he could have some option. More symbolic is the inclusion of Gemma Sorianofrom Castelló, and Bartolome Nofuentes in numbers 36 and 49.

Complete list approved this Tuesday in Ferraz:

1 Teresa Ribera Rodríguez

2 Iratxe García Pérez

3 Francisco Javier López Fernández

4 Hana Jalloul Wall

5 Javier Moreno Sánchez

6 Lina Galvez Muñoz

7 Jonás Fernández Álvarez


8 Leire Pajín Iraola

9 César Luena López

10 Idoia Mendía Cave

11 Nicolás González Casares

12 Cristina Maestre Martín de Almagro

13 Juan Fernando López Aguilar

14 Sandra Gómez López

15 José Ignacio (Ignacio) Sánchez Amor H PSOE

16 Laura Ballarín Cerezo

17 Marcos Ros Sempere

18 Rosa María Serrano Sierra

19 Elena Sancho Murillo

20 José Carmelo Cepeda García de León

29 Francisco José Maciá Serna

36 Gemma Soriano Barcelo

49 Bartolomé Nofuentes López



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