Bayern – | ‘Matador’ Vinicius

Bayern – | ‘Matador’ Vinicius
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Nothing remains of the ‘failed’ Vinicius. Nothing, except the memory. Evocation of a footballer, with the 28 on his back and shaved hair, which exemplifies how with work and resilience everything can be corrected. Vini has already become a killera great scorer, a man who appears on important nights. The sensations guided it and the data confirmed it. It has gone from marking every 723′ to every 129′. From desert to oasis. It is not an improvement, but a metamorphosis. And who knows if the ceiling is still far away. Never in his entire career had he reached a scoring pace of this caliber, nor had he ever been such a leader. The confirmed star of a team that is aiming for a new . The flag of Madrid. And that, given the orange warning of the ‘Mbappé storm’, is dancing in the rain.

Vini He has been involved in more than 30 goals for three consecutive seasons (there are already 21 with his signature and 11 assists, for a total of 32) and, now, he is heading towards 40, something he already achieved in the previous two. An outstanding record, considering that this year he has gone through two injuries that have made her miss up to eleven games. That despite this she aspires to reach that figure, sums up her performance. And their numbers: It is the best scoring rate of his entire career. And not only that: He is two goals away from equaling his best scoring season ever (he made 23 last year). From the personal record. He goes for him.

Vinicius numbers

Season Goals Half Assists Half
2018-19 3 Every 723′ 12 Every 181′
2019-20 5 Every 363′ 4 Every 454′
2020-21 6 Every 454′ 7 Every 389′
2021-22 22 Every 194′ twenty Every 214′
2022-23 23 Every 207′ twenty-one Every 227′
2023-24 twenty-one Every 129′ eleven Every 246′

Vinicius celebrates his goal against Bayern.MICHAELA STACHEAFP

Beating Bellingham

This season participates in a goal every 84 minutes, his best record ever, even surpassing the spectacular figure of the year of the Decimocuarta (when it participated in one every 102 minutes). The translation can now be read in the form of surprise: With his double in Munich, this season he has already participated in more goals than Bellingham. English accumulates 21 goals (only four have been in 2024, where it has stagnated) and ten assists, boasting a participation rate of 105 minutes. He already loses with Viniis a reality: 21 goals (15 have been in 2024, where it has recovered cruising speed, or rather light speed) and eleven assists, surpassing him by one.

Face to face (this season)

Goals Half Assists Half
Vinicius twenty-one Every 129′ eleven Every 246′
Bellingham twenty-one Every 155′ 10 Every 327′

The last recital

Their evening in Munich was amazing. He played again in that false-false nine that Ancelotti has taken out of his hat so that Rodrygo can gallop to the left. An unprecedented system that the technician summarizes in a few words: “He has discovered that, in that position, he can score with an unmarking and few touches”. Eureka, the formula works. And that is precisely how the first blow came: a good movement behind Kim’s back, shot with the first touch and heading towards the corner to celebrate. Just as predicted Carlettowho must have emulated Colonel Hannibal Smith inwardly: “I love it when plans turn out well.” Then came the penalty, the step forward and the double.

The cherry on top of a night of tuition: he was the one who finished the most, the one who put the most balls between the three posts, the second who crossed the most and the second who dribbled the most on the team. But, above all, it was the most decisive. Appearing once again on a big European night, something he’s good at: Of his 20 goals in the Champions League, ten have come from crosses. Specific, three in the round of 16, two in the quarterfinals, four in the semifinals (the round in which it is plugged the most) and one, in a final. The playoffs accelerate your heart rate, rev your engine and sharpen your fangs. Above all, the latter. Because the conclusion is that nothing remains of that ‘failed’ Vinicius, the one who scored every 723′, except the memory. And the example that the path is work and resilience. Now, he is a ‘Matador’.



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