Valencia will have five new cultural centers starting in May – Valencia

Valencia will have five new cultural centers starting in May – Valencia
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Starting in May, València will have five new cultural centers available to citizens, “which will increase the cultural offering and the sociocultural revitalization of the neighborhoods,” as explained by the Councilor for Cultural Action, Heritage and Cultural Resources, José Luis Moreno.

The new spaces, which already existed and which have been provided with resources and management to offer a cultural proposal, are: Escorxador between Sant Pere 35-37 and Lluís Despuig 22 streets and Reina 121 between Reina 121 and Barraca 124 streets, both centers in the Cabanyal-Canyamelar neighborhood; Alquería Albors, located on Camí Alquería de Albors nº4, in the Orriols neighborhood; Abén Al Abbar Chalet, which is located at 7 Abén Al-Abbar Street, in the Albors neighborhood; and, finally, Nave 3 Ribes, within the Parc Central, in the Russafa neighborhood.

Moreno has assured that “the materialization of this important project to create a network of local cultural centers has been the result of a long journey of previous work to rehabilitate the buildings, which, due to their heritage interest, have been coordinated by the Service of Historical Heritage of the Valencia City Council; This has been accompanied by parallel work of study and diagnosis of cultural needs to be addressed, and meticulous planning management.”

The process has involved the administrative bidding of a macro-contract, the result of which has been three successful companies that will assume the management of the cultural programming and citizen services of each of the centers.

Thus, the company Salzillo Servicios Integrales, SLU will be the one that manages the Escorxador and Nave 3 Ribes centers; The company Proges XXI, SL, will be in charge of the cultural revitalization of the Reina 121 center and the company Amundsen Economía y Comunicación, SL will do the same in Alquería Albors and Chalet de Abén Al Abbar.

The contracts that were awarded in March, for an amount of 274,066.78 euros for the cultural centers of Reina 121, Alquería Albors and Chalet de Abén Al Abbar, for 278,844.50 euros for the Escorxador center and for 285,475.30 euros for the Nave 3 space in Ribes, will have an initial duration of two years.

The award amount has contemplated not only the expenses derived from the specialized management of the cultural services and the personnel who will attend the centers, but also the economic items with which the cultural programming offered to citizens will be financed in them. and that in all cases it will be free and open access.

It will be the Valencia City Council itself that, through the Department of Cultural Action, Heritage and Cultural Resources, will carry out the supervision and coordination of the activity of each center. The people who assume the direction of these new spaces are Isabel Caballero, in the Escorxador center; Olga Álvarez, at the Reina 121 cultural center; Pau Gómez, in Alquería d’Albors; Jordi Llobregat in the Abén Al-Abbar Chalet and Miguel Ángel Jordán in Nave 3 of Ribes, located in the Central Park.

Centers Aben al Abbar and Alquería Albors

Both spaces, which will open their doors on Thursday, May 2, are committed to a program that will contain periodic activities that will be repeated weekly, long-term activities and specific performances.

Regarding the Abén Al-Abbar cultural center, it will offer, on the first two weekends, welcome days (Friday the 3rd, Saturday the 4th, Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th) with family activities that include storytelling, construction of a wishing tree and the Neighborhood art activity. In addition, the center will host the Valencia Negra festival, which will include two activities (a literary creation masterclass and a murder party).

On Tuesdays there will be game afternoons, Thursday mornings will be dedicated to workshops for seniors, which will be repeated weekly. In the afternoon, the same Thursday, there will be a language tandem. There will also be room for reading clubs. Likewise, on Friday afternoons there will be performances, both improvised (open mic) and by interesting artists (music, magic, etc.).


Added to all this are long-term activities, such as Neighborhood (a library made up of books that one can take home as long as they leave another one) and the What do you want to do? mailbox, where users request types of activities that they want to have.

For its part, the Alquería Albors cultural center will also offer welcome days (Saturday the 4th, Sunday the 5th, Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th) where there will be family activities for a wide audience, similar to those that will be at the other center. On the rest of the days of the week, the same activities will be carried out as at the Abén al Abbar center. In addition, it will collaborate with the Valencia Acoge association, which this month begins a series of activities, and, in the same way, the collaboration with the Josep María Bayarri library begins, hosting storytelling and magic activities.

Programming in Escorxador

The month of May will be the month dedicated to Flor de Mayo by Vicente Blasco Ibañez due to the relationship that the novel has with the Cabanyal neighborhood and its customs. The Escorxador cultural center will offer a reading club for the novel and a theater creation workshop taught by Eva Zapico taking the novel as a starting point.

Likewise, there will be a concert by Cristina Blasco in trio format on May 3, an exhibition about the building’s rehabilitation process and recycling workshops for the whole family.

Reina 121 Cultural Center

In this center the photographic exhibition “Ones de llum que vetllen” by Rogelio Sarmiento Carrera will be exhibited, about the women of Cabanyal during the cultural festival of Holy Seaman Week.

As a result of the collaboration with the Teatro La Estrella, the proposal for families of the “Jugant al teatre” workshop arises. For its part, Vudú Teatro, with its “Poetic Cabinet”, presents a show of poetry, shadow theater, music and improvisation.

For its part, the performance creation company Versonautas presents “Sononautas”, a participatory workshop to bring music to younger audiences through games, culminating with a small educational concert. And Esther, a Valencian singer, will inaugurate “Los Acústicos de la Reina 121” with a concert.

A community culture laboratory

Nave 3 Ribes is presented as a space for cultural participation and a community culture laboratory. Its activity will focus, on the one hand, on providing spaces and technical advice to the cultural projects that already exist around the Central Park. In addition, it will maintain in its spaces part of the programming of the Escalante Center Teatral, gold medalist of the Academy of Performing of Spain.

During the months of May and June, several intergenerational workshops and mapping tables will be held on the street. The results will come together in a participatory exhibition “Collective Cartographies”, a database and an online map available to all citizens.



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