the restaurant in the Berroa de Tajonar industrial estate with a menu for 13 euros

the restaurant in the Berroa de Tajonar industrial estate with a menu for 13 euros
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Fernando Cruz Mendoza it’s a Peruvian hotelier based in Navarra. Run one of the most popular restaurants in Navarra, La Posada de Soraurenwell known for its grilled meats.

Only five months ago, he launched a new business adventure, taking over from the El Caserío de Baztán restaurant, in the Berroa industrial estate (Tajonar). In it he continues to bet on homemade food own of the traditional Navarrese gastronomy and offers a very economical menu of the day and which has been very well received by customers.

The entrepreneurial spirit of this hotelier does not stop there. After the success of the Sorauren Inn looking to diversify your business. So, in addition to taking over The Village of Baztánis going to run the cafeteria located inside the large DIY warehouse Obramatinaugurated on April 24.

Fernando receives within The Baztán Village, a restaurant that opened its doors about six years ago. It was a natural family of Baztán the one who inaugurated it and designed it to her liking. Specifically, it is the Iturralde and Casanova family.

The members of this family wanted bring the essence of their land, Baztán, to the Berroa industrial estate. In this way, the place is decorated with enlargements of photographs that capture the beauty of the Baztan landscape. “There is the Xorroxin waterfall“, comments Fernando while pointing towards a corner.

Without a doubt, the most striking aspect of the establishment’s aesthetics is a large interior arch that reproduces part of the facade of a farmhouse. On this façade, the Iturralde y Casanova family printed their coats of arms, giving it even more authenticity.

The premises are distributed over two floors. In the first one is the bar area, with the bar and a dining space with great room. On the upper floor there is another large dining room. “It is designed for celebrations, such as birthdays, communions or weddings. We also use it on days when the dining room downstairs is full,” specifies the hotelier. Outside there is a terrace.

Since he took the reins of El Caserío del Baztán restaurantFernando and his team have put their efforts into offering quality, homemade food to their customers. Without a doubt, his main attraction is the today’s menu. It costs only 13 euros and includes a first choice, a second choice, dessert, bread and drink.

“I dedicate myself to feeding people and I like to offer traditional Navarrese food“, he insists. And he assures that the daily menu is very balanced: “It includes options with vegetables, meat or fish.” In addition, he emphasizes that everything is home, even the desserts. “There is nothing frozen here,” she adds.

Refering to clientelerecognizes that the majority of people who come to try their menu are office workers. Also some workers from the companies that have settled in the industrial estate.

But weekend Those clients are not there because the polygon is losing life. Despite that, Fernando has decided to open on Saturdays. He does it with a very original proposal that seeks to reach other customer profiles. “Saturdays the food is with live music. Every week a different group comes and the musical styles are very varied,” he details.


Furthermore, for the Saturday prepare a more elaborate menu, at the price of 36 euros. The gastronomic proposal includes a combination of dishes of traditional Navarrese and Peruvian cuisine. “It’s a way to wink at my origins and those of the chef,” says Fernando.

And it highlights that “the peruvian food is acquiring a lot of popularity everywhere.” Cevichefor example, is one of those typical Peruvian foods that you can try at Caserío del Baztán on Saturdays.

Image of the terrace of the El Caserío del Baztán restaurant, in the Berroa industrial estate. PABLO LASAOSA

Fernando is happy because the clients approve of his gastronomic bet. He grilled Baztán entrecote It is one of the dishes that diners are really liking. “They are also asking a lot for dessert flambéed pineapple with rum,” he says.

He assures that when he started at the head of the business “Everything was very calm.” Therefore, she is excited to see how little by little she is gaining more clients. “We have an interesting average to continue and, above all, be sustainable,” she thanks.

Five months ago Fernando was won over by the idea of ​​taking charge of the bar of a polygon. “He Berroa polygon He is very young and has a great future. Little by little many companies are opening. I saw potential in it and decided to take the risk,” he explains. And he is grateful for having made that decision: “For such a young industrial estate, things are going very well for us.”

In addition to meals, The Baztán Village they also offer breakfasts and lunchesso throughout the day there is a constant trickle of people: “At 7 a.m., when we open, many people come to have breakfast before going to work. Then at 10:30 it’s time for lunch. And the bulk of the We give meals between 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.,” he explains.

In this establishment you can also order the takeaway. “We also prepare rice of all kinds to order“, emphasizes Fernando.

Fernando and his team, made up of chef Maikol, Aitziber, Tania and Ángela, strive every day to ensure that all their clients eat as if they were at home. “Eat like in the farmhouse. That is my motto.” Fernando summarizes in this way his proposal to The Baztán Village.

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