The Alicante restaurants that rise, stay and fall


The typical “Borsch”

Years ago we hardly knew anything about Ukraine, which we considered a kind of Soviet federal appendix, within the immense USSR, today reconverted to Putin’s autocracy in the form of a Tsarist Republic, but lately we are learning almost everything for the sake of an unfortunate war (Which one is not?), will be broadcast on news programs and gatherings minute by minute. Even, and thanks to entire families who, escaping from terror, set up their restaurant business here, we also began to get to know their food, by the way, so similar to that of southern Russia for those of us who have traveled some, as to central European Romania, Poland, current Belarus or the countries that border the Black Sea starting with the former Ottoman Empire.

One of these families has settled in a restaurant with a spiritual name like “Soul“, being in charge of the stoves Olga Seneushina, a waitress with experience in her country who repeats the great Ukrainian dishes without any concession to the Mediterranean taste, which truthfully authenticates them. Yogurt, as in other neighboring countries in the area, is present in all dishes to be mixed or alternated, for example, in their very famous soups, obviously and due to the climate, never as hot as they are served in those very harsh winters. The best known is the “borscht“, something that here we would place between a thick soup or a stew based on cauliflower, beets, beans, potatoes, carrots, chopped onion and a lot of tomato with some garlic, and of course smetana (sour milk that is so popular), boiled meat and chopped, accompanying the bowl with some crunchy buns, and salty bacon that they usually alternate like we do with bread. The diner himself makes his own mixtures according to his tastes.

Then lighten it up with sweet cheese tartlets, or another bun with a different texture, inside which we find blueberry jams, strawberry berries, etc., even a wonderful tomato jam outside in a separate container. Rochetta is a native cheese that is prepared with different wrappings and then fried, leaving a texture similar to our croquettes, if possible a little harder, but very interesting.

Of course, then we move on to one of the most traditional dishes within that extensive geographical area, such as “golubci”, cabbage leaves in which very minced meat and rice are wrapped, in addition to the usual sour milk, but on this occasion a spicy touch, I suppose to give joy to a dish that is somewhat bland.

Finishing with its no less famous Kiev fried chicken with mashed potatoes, of course?, whose layer is usually more consistent than that of any of our frying doughs, it is even the Slavic custom to take it separately. For dessert we recommend the honey cake which is also somewhat Spartan, although with the South American touch of cocoa, condensed milk and sugar not suitable for diabetics; We liked the buns with cherries better.

We only drank just 2 brands of Spanish beer and some other wine, but we did not find the typical vodkas, or the most purist ones in fruit fermentation such as varenukha, nalyvka, spotykach and medovukha, which the Ukrainian State itself boasts about in their website.

In short, quite an experience, although it still has a long way to go, they have only been open for a week. Impeccable service when they master Spanish and little more to add except to wish luck to those who come from hell and with whom we must be in solidarity.

Alma Restaurant


18 Germany Street

Telephone 604 994 294

Average price €15 to €30

Closed on Sundays

Restaurants that go down

The franchises, and we don’t want to start citing them because it would take us pages of vituperation. But lately, and always forced by the small offspring, we have gone to several with recognized advertising name, not gastronomic prestige, whose adjectives can be placed between bad-very bad, poor-very poor. If you order a hamburger, they serve it to you at the point that comes out of a stressed chef’s nose or out of the press, the sauces are all from a jar as if they don’t know how to execute them or too much time is wasted, and we don’t know how to use the tomato and lettuce. if they have passed the quality controls of a fish market. And when it comes to pizzerias, we would not find any moderately gourmet Italian, even a gourmand, capable of sinking their teeth into those tasteless pasta soles that see the oven out of the corner of their eye, while they are decorated with handfuls of “things”, not cheeses, etc. thrown out of its glorious American name: “fast food”. Why talk about the hot pig, sorry “dog” as tasteless as it is indigestible in 2 bites, and both hamburgers and sausages accompanied by some potatoes, supposedly fried, but we do not know the fat-fuel, although it is not difficult to imagine their mixture and additives .

The only fun thing is the joviality of a youthful audience who have probably not yet been taught to eat according to the rules of the most basic gastronomy. Perhaps they have not done the math, nor compared bills, with restaurants and bars where a meal is served for the minimum or lower price, including tasty tapas, from typical cuisine to signature cuisine, including rice dishes that are also served in small portions, in addition to wine by the glass or a beer sampler with enough references.

Take a walk, let’s say any Saturday near our municipal markets; walk tasting through streets like Castaños and surrounding areas; the Gabriel Miró Square; Quintana Street, walking along San Juan beach…, even visiting those neighborhoods that we only know by map, can be very gratifying for the 5 senses, in addition to the fact that variety usually lies in pleasure and we can be magnificent hosts for those who do not know our high level of restoration from the most hidden malito, to the newest and newest in haute cuisine, rice cookers and precise grillers in both fresh meat and fish. Shall we start with fresh beans and a good assortment of salted meats?



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