This is the least crowded city in Asturias to travel to this spring

This is the least crowded city in Asturias to travel to this spring
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Asturias continues to be one of the favorite tourist destinations to travel to in the summer season. Its climate, gastronomy and architecture They are one of the great attractions for travelers who come to the north of Spain to enjoy a getaway full of tranquility.

Precisely, the number of visitors to a place is one of the factors that most influence Spanish citizens when looking for a perfect destination. In fact, the autonomous community stands out for being an oasis of peace and housing one of the most beautiful historic centers in Spain.

But neither Gijón nor Oviedothe greatest point of tranquility to enjoy a few days of rest is located in a small city that has the largest number of arcades in Spain, only behind Santiago de Compostela: Avilés.

[Ni Llanes ni Cudillero, este es el pueblo considerado como el más bonito de Asturias]

Its traditional houses with balconies or squares like El Parche or Domingo Álvarez Acebal They are located as one of the great points of cultural interest in the area. Furthermore, Avilés is one of the most powerful cities in Asturias due to its river flow, which runs through the historic center and is one of the best preserved in our country.

The least crowded city in Asturias

Avilés is an Asturian city that It is located next to the Avilés estuary. The town of 75,518 inhabitants, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics for 2023, has a large historical and artistic complex. Without a doubt, the cultural wealth of this Asturian municipality lies in the Museum of Urban History and the Niemeyer Center.

Furthermore, this council of Asturias is located just 25 kilometers from Gijón and 27 kilometers from Oviedo, the capital of the Principality.

Its excellent communication through the suburban railways of Renfe, Feve and buses They allow thousands of travelers from all over Spain to reach this place.

Historic center of Avilés (Asturias).


Wikimedia Commons

The Asturian city of Avilés is one of those that best preserves its historical legacy, with a modern, river and seafaring city that stands out for its traditions, environment and culture.

The center of this municipality is home to the Town Hall Square, from where an extensive crossroads starts that has the most famous streets in the area, such as The Ironworks or The Fruit.

Avilés is a city of the sea and is denoted by its seafaring tradition. In the Middle Ages, he had your own fishing neighborhood And until the 20th century, Sabugo was known for preserving the best fish. Although this symbolic place still retains its value and flavor, since it took a while to belong to the city and form part of its incredible historic center.

The most mythical street in Avilés

If Avilés is known for something, it is for its immense streets that run through the historic center. Precisely, one of them has become a mandatory visit for tourists and has become famous for the descent of its big day at carnival.

[El municipio cántabro donde han salido a la venta casas de más 200 m2 por menos de 40.000 euros]

This is Galiana, one of the most atmospheric streets in the municipality of Asturias that spreads joy throughout the region.

This street houses several corners to taste one of the tastiest sweets in the place. One of them is the bunwhich is also known as Mantecado de Avilés and is known for the Bollo Festival.

Another of the best-known cookie-shaped cakes are marañuelas, which were created in the area so that sailors could consume them during their long boat trips.



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