Spain collapses in Eurovision predictions |

Spain collapses in Eurovision predictions |
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05/01/2024 at 08:00


Spain and Eurovision They are a complicated marriage. The music festival has been gaining power in recent years, in which this event with a marked commercial content has grown up in information monitoring, public interest and also boiling over on social networks. It happens that Spain is not usually one of his favorites recurring.

The closest he has come to winning again was success Chanel’s ‘SloMo’who in 2022 achieved bronze and fought to the end with the option of raising the crystal microphone that symbolizes the triumph. A Spanish artist has not achieved this since 1969, when Salome won in Madrid with ‘Vivo Cantando’. A year earlier, in London, she achieved it Massiel with ‘La, la, la’. For this year’s 2024 edition, hopes are zero. Minimum. So much so, that it is easier for to win the Euro than for ‘Zorra’ from ‘Nebula‘ achieve Eurovision.

Betfair bets say so, which place Spain with a very poor 0.66% chance of winning the contest. Ukraine, in the Euro Cup, has a 0.99% chance. There are already more who grant the quotas to this song composed by the Mery Bas and Mark Dasousathe members of ‘Nebula‘ who will try to ring the bell on May 11 in Malmö, the Swedish town where the Eurovision 2024 edition will be held.

A favorite with a message

At least Spain, as one of the members of the Big Five, will not have to go through the semi-finals. Spain, Germany, the Kingdom, Italy and France are the only five countries that have qualified for the grand final. And of them, only Italy, a country with good results in recent years, it seems to be able dispute the final prize. She is the fourth favorite behind (in order of least to most favoritism) the Netherlands, Croatia and & mldr; Swiss.


For this contest the bets are clear that the Helvetians will be the managers to lift the prize. His representative is ‘Nemo‘, an artist who will perform with the song ‘The Code‘, a kind of mix between opera and rap that, in addition, has a very defined aesthetic, with constant nods to the LGTBI groups, one of those that follow this festival the most. Nemo defines himself as non-binary, and makes his condition clear in his show, loaded with personality and powerful musical contrasts.

Since it was known that ‘The Code‘ would be the Swiss representative, little by little the number of expert voices that place Nemo as the favorite to win has been increasing. Of course, Eurovision is also a framework for surprisesespecially if, as happens, Croatia is the second favorite.

Keep an eye on the Balkan route

The Balkans will come with a song called ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’ sung by Baby Lasagnaa singer with an aesthetic reminiscent of corsairs (remember Tino Casal) who swept the Croatian television contest to elect the candidate and who could extend its influence throughout the region. It is traditional that the countries that made up Yugoslavia support each other and, when the time comes, cast their vote for the country that may be the favorite to win. So in the pulled apart of the popular vote, it is likely that this collective support in the region could be key.

The fiascos of Spain

Meanwhile, Spain, a country that also likes to turn its failures into spectacle, will try not to sink too much. Fall to the last places in the classification would be a blow… but not one surprise, given that in recent years it has been touched on several occasions. In total, Spain has been ‘bottom’ of Eurovision five times in history. The last one, in 2017 with Manel Navarro. Before, in 1999, Lydia was also. Of those five red lanterns, in three of them Spain returned without a single point: Amaya Remedies in 1983, Conchita Bautista in 1965 and Víctor Balaguer in 1962.



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