May, the August of the florists

May, the August of the florists
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May, the August of the floristsOskar Gonzalez

The April page torn from the calendar, today it is presented to us in all its splendor May. The month of flowers. The zenith of spring. And a time when florists make a killing. This sector of commerce is at risk in a key month for its income statement. With a date especially marked in red on the calendar: Mother’s Day. A day to which they rely a good part of their income.

Bilbao florists agree when pointing out this first sunday in may as one of the biggest sales days of the entire year. “It is the most important, more than Valentine’s Day or All Saints’ Day, which is becoming less important. It doesn’t fail. And there is only one mother,” he points out. Jose Aralflower shop worker Bilbao Gandarias.

Yesterday was a busy day in this business located in the heart of Plaza del Ensanche, since they received a large order with an eye on next Sunday. They already have their agenda full of orders. “We have received most of them online,” says her partner, Anne Puente. She sees the web sales platform as “a plus point” that helps them in an increasingly digitalized world: “We have competition from large companies that can make it cheaper, but if you want something artisan, beautiful and good, you “You go to the usual store, even if it is through their website.”

Mil Rosas showcase, an establishment located in the central Ercilla street

He does not have such a positive vision of virtual commerce Esther Sainzowner of Thousand Roses: “I go into online stores and the roses they sell for half the price are not like the ones we sell here, nothing like the quality. “It hurts us.” For this flower shop located on the street Ercilla and specialized in roses, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day stand out compared to the rest of the year: “All Saints’ Day is on the decline because people go to cemeteries less, they are traditions that in a few years will be forgotten.”


An employee at the Ruiz de Ocenda florist shop places flowers in a vase.

For Vicky Fernandez, May marks “the beginning of the season.” She is co-owner of the flower shop Ruiz de Ocendawhich four years ago moved to the street Heroes. “This is a very beautiful time because there are a lot of flowers and a lot of color. The peony arrives, a flower that we only ship for three months, but which is very appreciated. It is, along with the rose, the one that sells the most for Mother’s Day,” she says. The peony is on the rise, compared to the decline of the carnation. “It has been misused. As it is a cheaper flower, it has been used a lot for funerals and people already identify it with that,” she explains. Fernandez highlights his commitment to kilometer 0: “We have a farmhouse in Azkoitia that at this time mainly serves us tulips, ranunculus and, a little later, also dahlias, very special flowers.”

Mikel Zuazua, a century-old business located on Ronda Street in the Old Town

May is doubly important for Mikel Zuazuawho runs a century-old business in Old Town of Bilbao that bears the same name and where, in addition to flowers, it sells seeds and plants. “Now is the time when orchards, gardens, balconies are put into operation… The flower, especially today with globalization, can be worked throughout the year, but the strength of the orchard comes now.” However, Mother’s Day is for Zuazua a busy date. “We sell a lot of bouquets and garden flowers, although for us Valentine’s Day is more powerful. There are more people in love…”, he concludes. Mikel.

Traditionally, May has also been the month for communions, but all florists point it out, as in the case of weddings, as a market in decline. “Everything classic is going down. For these ceremonies, they wear simpler things or they don’t even wear flowers,” he says. Anneof Bilbao Gandarias, who sees a tendency to buy flowers “for different reasons: anniversaries, birthdays or just because…”. However, for Vickyfrom the florist Ruiz de Ocenda, there is still a long way to go: “Here there is no custom of buying flowers weekly, like in other countries. “We tried to introduce the flower as something essential at home to decorate, but it is still seen as something basically for a gift.”



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