Vandalism continues in the Carmel Bunkers in : “They have stolen our neighborhood” – Catalunya

Vandalism continues in the Carmel Bunkers in : “They have stolen our neighborhood” – Catalunya
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The situation experienced by the residents of the neighborhood where the Carmel bunkers It was unbearable. With the fencing of the area it seems that the situation has improved, but It is still very uncomfortable for the residents of the neighborhood.

What are the Carmel Bunkers?

The Carmel bunkers are located at the top of the Turó de la Rovira in . One of its great attractions is that it offers 360-degree panoramic views of the city, at 262 meters above sea level. From the viewpoint, you can see emblematic buildings of Barcelona such as the sacred Familythe Agbar Tower or the towers of Olympic port.

During the , they housed an anti-aircraft battery and later a neighborhood of barracks. However, despite his name, there were never bunkers themselves. Before the 1992 Olympic Games, the barracks were demolished and its residents relocated, leaving the area abandoned. Although they were little known initially, over time they became a popular viewpoint.

Today, the bunkers generate a lot of expectation among touristswho meet at the viewpoint to organize parties that last days, which has caused neighborhood associations to be very upset in the face of these events and the ineffectiveness of the City hall.

continues from Thursday to Sunday

The Carmel bunkers They are historical heritage and memorial for all Barcelona residents and, today, it is a meeting point where they organize parties aimed at tourists with bar service and DJ.


“The attraction is the views, they come to take photos and get drunk. “Tourists can do whatever they want and get drunk anywhere in the city of Barcelona”Explain Davida resident of the neighborhood where the Carmel Bunkers are located.

Before the fence, 2,000 tourists could easily accumulate, prolonging the party until the early hours of the morning. “With the fence, these parties have been prevented from taking place, but if it were due to the efforts of the Urban Police, they would have continued to be held”indicates David.

Barcelona City Council spent 1.6 million euros to fence the entire site. A measure that served to prevent this type of party from being held with so much social mass, but equally Hundreds of tourists gather in this area from Thursday to Sunday.

They make a big deal in the fenced area and get into altercations with the neighbors themselves: They throw stones at houses, break into them and even attack residents. “They have stolen our neighborhood” manifests David.



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