Procession of San Rafael in Córdoba: time, route and premieres


San Rafael makes its way in May and arrives with quite a few new features. The step on which it stands will shine the full size of the vents, which contain 16 coats of arms of noble houses and institutions.

All of them are already polychrome and with a golden background, and are shown ordered according to the greatness of Spain and the antiquity of each title. The Córdoban carver José María Higuera has carried out the work that represents a very notable advance in the physiognomy of the complex. The finished pedestal was already released in 2023 and the tall chandeliers in 2022.

Furthermore, a new guide cross The procession will open on Saturday, May 4, when the image of the Archangel leaves the of the Oath for a few hours to visit the relics of the Holy Martyrs in the minor basilica of Saint Peter, in the annual outing that the brotherhood instituted in 2022.

Of great height, 3.25 meters, it has a design of Alvaro Doctor and it will be seen in the carving phase, in the absence of gilding in the future. It represents the practical completion of the own script already prepared last year, only in the absence of the creation of the two escort lanterns.

The carver Pedro Sánchez, the sculptor Irene Pérez Carretero, the turner Manuel Carmona Reyes and the cabinetmaker Juan Pérez Sánchez participated in the execution of the raised cross, according to what the older brother, Manuel Laguna, informed ABC.

The image of the Custos, work of Gomez de Sandovalwill be in the streets of Córdoba on May 4, this time being the Saturday closest to the 7th, when he appeared to Father Andrés de las Roelas.

The hope

The procession will begin at seven p.m in the Church of the Juramento de San Rafael and will be accompanied by the Esperanza music band. Ángel Carrero remains as foreman. Entry into the temple will be at eleven at night.

Itinerary passes through the Plaza del Juramento de San Rafael, Arroyo de San Rafael, the Plaza de San Lorenzo, María de Gracia, the Realejo, Plaza de San Andrés, San Pablo, Capitulares, Rodríguez Marín, Plaza de la Corredera, the Plaza del Socorro, Plaza de la Almagra, Sculptor Juan de Mesa and Plaza de San Pedro.

At nine at night Saint Raphael will be in Saint Peter’s Basilica. He will continue later by Sculptor Juan de Mesa to the Plaza de la Almagra. At half past nine he will be on the street Gutiérrez de los Ríos. It will continue through Fernán Pérez de Oliva, San Andrés, Realejo, Santa María de Gracia, Virgen de Villaviciosa and at eleven, at its headquarters, the Church of the Oath.

The conception of the step that the brotherhood that worships him has made for the Archangel follows the neoclassical style and combines the carving of openwork boards with superimposed carving that gives it more volume.


takes many pilasters separating each quadrant where the shields go, and in the lower area it has laurel garlands. Everything faithfully follows the sketch as planned, except that the descent of the laurel pendants has been taken back a little so that they do not hinder the complicated exit through the door of the Juramento church, as the carver himself explains.

The shields are that of the brotherhood, that of the Holy Sepulchre, that of the rector of the church, and of noble houses and institutions linked to the corporation, and are distributed by the vents. The size they wear around the central shields It has more work than the sides.

Inside, the passage already contains a hundred plaques with the names of devotees who have made their contribution to make it a reality.

Aemet foresees clear skyno chance of rain, with temperatures that will range between 28 degrees maximum and 9 degrees minimum.

The brotherhood has expanded until Thursday the deadline to obtain the siege ballot, a possibility open to the brothers of the corporation and also to the devotees of San Rafael to accompany a few hours in the streets to the One who watches over the city every day.

The triduum

Regarding the cults, the triduum in their honor will begin on Sunday at the Juramento church at 8:00 p.m., and May 7 will be the main festival of the brotherhood,

On June 16 there will finally be the general assembly of elections for older brother, which will determine the identity of the successor of Manuel Laguna, which culminates its eight years. José Ángel Castro and Antonio López intend to present themselves. Initially it was called on June 9, but its coincidence with the European Electionsforced to change it.

In October the holy mass in honor of the co-owner, the Virgen del Pozo, will open the month par excellence of San Rafael. October 14th will be the exaltation of the Archangel at the Real Círculo de la Amistad, and between the 15th and 18th, the cultural events at the Miguel Castillejo Foundation.

Starting on October 21, services in honor of San Rafael are scheduled, and on the 24th the traditional votive mass for the holiday. On November 1, the brotherhood will offer a mass to the Custos for his protection from the of 1755.



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