People of the city: Cider competition at La Artesana


A few days ago, a blind cider tasting contest took place at the Unión Artesana society, with the participation of the Petritegi, ItsasBuru, Lizeaga, Eula, Alorrenea and Altzueta cider houses. 40 members and supporters of the society tasted and rated the quality. of the different ciders.

In a pleasant event, which was coordinated and directed by the partner Javier Gomez and his team with Alberto Eskisabel, Manolo Perez and Jose Luis Perez The ciders were tasted, accompanied by several pintxos. Attendees received information about the world of cider and how it should be tasted.

After the two tastings carried out at each cider house, it was time to organize the scores, which decided the classification, with the Lizeaga cider house from Donostia emerging as the winner. Second place went to the Eula de Urnieta cider house and third place to the Petritegi de Astigarraga cider house. The award will soon be given to Lizeaga and her cider will be available to members.

After the tasting of the dinner prepared by the members Felix Martinezpresident of the society, Iñaki Lizarza and Javier Melchor. The menu was composed of chorizo ​​with cider, cod with pil-pil, yearling rib with salad and for dessert, the traditional ones, cheese, quince and walnuts and to drink, cider of the year.


The following participated in the event: UA partners, Ramon Aramburu, Juanmi Etxabe and Asier Hernandez accompanied by his friends: Nando Vazquez, Floren Etxeberria and Stephan Polhman. Mario Mazzolini and Joseba Azpeitia and Jon Otxoa. Venancio Garzón with Mari Mar Aramendia, Felix Rosado and Ana Alberdi. and Marisa Merinowith your friends Ana Arregi and Luis Lopez. Partner Javier Melchor with the veteran bartender Maria Gimenez and Unai Ugarte. Javier Oliveros with Carlos Sotelino and Inigo Menendez with Sara Olaizola.

The partner was at another table. Gorka Mir And his brother Pablo with Maria Echeverria and Mari Jose Costa, Alex MarcoVice President Iñaki Lizarza and President Félix Martínez with Olatz Otaño and María Eugenia Lazkanotegi.

Also Javier Gomez, Alberto Eskisabel and Jose Luis and Manolo Perezwith partners Vicente Bustero, Jose Mari , Pepe Gomez and Fernando Villegas, Inaxio Artola, Cristina Cantero, Gaby and Txaro Urrestarazu, Fernando Vildosola, Ana Sanz, Idoia Mitxelena and Inigo Yoracebalbeitia. Eneko Hernandez and Victor Barcenas, Pedro Esnal, Maialen Martin, Lucas Aranzamendi, Jon Peñagarikano and David Bengoa. They were at the tasting, although they couldn’t stay for dinner. Jose Luis and Pili García Moral, Javier Irazu, Bittor Arratibel, Ana Oconand the cook Javier Mugica.

Pleasant experience and the board is already working to hold the second contest next year.



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