Valladolid: Brawl in the old Rancho Grande: “It seemed like they were going to kill each other”


Nobody in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires thought back in 2008 that what was once a restaurant was going to become, today, their biggest coexistence problem. That hospitality establishment, now known as the old Rancho Large, it closed and two large housing blocks were planned on it with the intention of becoming a residential area. The brick crisis arrived and everything was left half done. One more brick skeleton with unfinished stairs, no windows and an elevator shaft that has not caused any discomfort so far.

Over the years, squatters of all nationalities settled in the half-finished ranches, which have led to events of all kinds. The last one, at dusk this Monday with a fight in adjacent streets that has raised the concern of residents in the area.

The story of this event is told after the brawl involving “at least five people” near the bus stop located on the corner of Páramo de San Isidro and Cañada de Fuente Amarga streets, about 300 meters from the old Ranch. Perhaps it started before the neighbors began to see a brawl with sticks, bricks and sharp weapons. «They had a point on the end of a long stick. “It was a battle,” says one of those who reside in the area, who had to pick up the minors who were on the street at that time to protect them in his home.

«The solution to the old Rancho Grande is to demolish it or fence it so that they do not enter»

These at least five people threw “cobblestones or bricks” at each other, causing damage wherever they passed, especially in the Cañada de Fuente Amarga. The blows reached the parked cars, while the blood, as if it were a trail, marked the path of the tumultuous fight. «It seemed that they were going with the intention of killing themselves. Since the last few months this has been continuous. The problem lies in Rancho Grande,” witnesses to the confrontation add from anonymity.

The rapid police presence, according to what they say, subsided the fighting spirit. The Police arrived, as well as the health services, who transported three injured people (two aged 41 and another aged 31 and of Moroccan and Algerian origin), with stab wounds and blows with blunt objects, to the health complexes of the capital. . They were attended to and later transferred to police custody as detainees, since they have a history of assaults and robberies. Precisely, up to this moment they are the only ones arrested in proceedings that remain, at this time of the day, open, so an expansion of the intervention of the National Police with lineups is not ruled out.

This was the feeling of those who witnessed the brawl, whose boredom is increasing. They request that they put a stop to the reality that exists in Rancho Grande. “The solution is to demolish it or fence it so that they do not enter,” they reiterate.

Precisely, on this Tuesday morning there was no one inside an easily accessible property. Dirt has taken over the two blocks, with graffiti all over the interior and curtains. Beer cans, bottles and food remains prevail in a field full of weeds. This was confirmed by a National Police patrol, which was hanging around one of the entrances around 10:00 am.


State from inside the abandoned blocks.

A. Mingueza

Firefighters from Valladolid went there on April 19 to put out the on the first floor of one of the blocks. The flames devoured mattresses and belongings. Previously, social alarm returned to the area in mid-March after a man attacked a young man with a hammer, both Moroccans. “There are problems with drugs here,” said the injured man after beginning his recovery.

Abandoned since 2010

This space, which was once a well-known restaurant until 2004, has been experiencing controversy for almost fifteen years. After acquiring the land, a construction company decided to build an urbanization of 48 homes there, but the crisis came and the blocks were abandoned in 2010. Looting, vandalism and fires gave way to squatting, while the neighboring neighbors asked for solutions such as walling off the plot, request increased with a demolition of the two buildings.

But the event that is most remembered in those streets took place in May 2021. There, the local police released three minors held by six squatters. The minors, aged between 14 and 16 years (just turned), were inside the small closed room, which was accessed by a staircase, for several hours.

The three who stayed had escaped from Zambrana and the fourth, who had run away from her home in Salamanca, decided to leave.



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