Three arrested and three investigated for robbing six bars in Asturias


The Civil Guard of Asturias has had some intense weeks when it comes to robberies. The agents have arrested three people and are investigating another three for six robberies with force in bars and cafes in Pravia, Llanera, Corvera and Grado.

The thieves stole 5,400 euros from establishments in the Pravia and Llanera councils. The quick action of the Citizen Security patrols when responding to the requests of neighbors or alarm centers has prevented two robberies from being carried out in cafes.

The first of the robberies occurred in Pravia at the end of February. On the 26th of that month, the owner of a bar filed a complaint with the Civil Guard for the theft of 900 euros. The facts that were revealed led to the suspicion of a former employee who had ended his employment contract two days before the robbery occurred. This employee had not returned the keys to the premises at the time of his dismissal. Furthermore, access to the establishment did not show any breakage or break-in damage, there was no furniture or belongings removed and at the time the crime was committed, the establishment was closed. The money was very hidden in two different places, whose locations were only known to the complainant and his two employees.

A month later, the complainant, while parking his vehicle at dawn in front of the bar he owned, observed his former employee crouching next to the establishment’s door. As he approached, he could see how this person stood up carrying a large backpack, starting to flee and losing sight of her. Upon entering his premises, the complainant was able to verify that the door glass was broken, as well as that the safe deposit box that he had installed had been forced open, leaving 3,800 euros missing.

During the course of the investigations, it was learned that the alleged perpetrator of the events was working in a cider house located in Gijón. On April 18, members of the Asturias Civil Guard moved to the scene and proceeded to arrest him.

He is charged with two crimes of robbery with force, which occurred in the same establishment on February 26 and March 24 respectively.

  1. 700 euros and a stolen car


Around 5 a.m. on March 18, a robbery was carried out in an establishment located in the town of Lugo de Llanera. The perpetrator, who was wearing dark clothes and hiding his face with a hood, broke the glass of the door by throwing a manhole cover against it. Once inside, he took 200 euros in cash that were in a box under the counter and that corresponded to the lottery proceeds.

An hour later, another strong robbery took place in a cafeteria in Posada de Llanera. On this occasion, two individuals broke the glass door of the establishment, again with a manhole cover. After accessing the interior and manipulating the cash register, they seized 500 euros contained in the cash register.

Once the investigations began, similarities were seen in terms of modus operandi, as the same type of object was used to violate access to the establishment.

After viewing the video surveillance system of the first robbery, it was observed that a white vehicle from the town of Posada de Llanera was driving in front of the bar and minutes before it was committed.

It so happened that the day after the robberies were committed, that is, on March 19, a Civil Guard Citizen Security patrol was located on the road near the town of Lavares-Llanera, a Citroën vehicle, model ZX, white, which had been stolen that same morning in the town of Las Vegas, in Corvera. Therefore, a relationship is established between the stolen vehicle and the theft that occurred at the Lugo de Llanera establishment.


Once the images corresponding to the second robbery were viewed, that is, the one at the Posada de Llanera cafeteria, the two people who perpetrated the incident could be observed. These were recognized without any doubt by the investigators, given his criminal history.

From the investigations carried out to find out the current address of the perpetrators of the robbery of the Posada de Llanera establishment, it turns out that it is less than 500 meters from the place where the stolen white Citroën ZX vehicle was abandoned.

Finally, the cameras installed by the Llanera City Council made it possible to establish that the Citroën car was leaving the town of Lugo de Llanera at around 05:30 to head to Posada, specifically to the vicinity of the stolen cafeteria.

Finally, on the 15th after various efforts, it was learned that one of the perpetrators had entered the Asturias Penitentiary Center, after having been detained for other events, for which reason they proceeded to charge him with the two crimes investigated in said penitentiary center. . Yesterday the other author was also arrested in Avilés.

  1. Frustrated attempt


At 2:40 a.m. on April 19, the COS of the Asturias Zone/Commandancy received a notification from the alarm center, informing of the activation of the alarm installed in a bar in the town of Trasona, in Corvera. A Citizen Security patrol and a Local Police patrol from said municipality immediately moved to the scene.

When the Civil Guard patrol arrived, they observed two people dressed in dark clothes on one side of the establishment, one of them wearing a balaclava. Upon noticing the presence of the agents, one of the individuals left the place hastily, while the other person was intercepted, checking how she was wearing gloves and holding a crowbar.

Upon checking the establishment, the access door had damage to the glass, without being able to open it since it was secured with a large chain. Under these circumstances, said person was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of an attempted robbery with force. Also taking steps to identify the escaped person.

On April 23, around 10:20 a.m., a phone call was received at the Civil Guard headquarters in Grado, reporting the presence of people inside a bar-restaurant in that town.

Four members of the Civil Guard from said town immediately went to the place, who together with the owner of the establishment entered the interior and carried out a reconnaissance of it, surprising two people hidden inside on some stairs on the terrace.

In the examination carried out, it was found that there was forced entry into the kitchen window, as well as the dining room door, therefore proceeding to take statements from both people as non-detained suspects, as alleged perpetrators of a crime. attempted robbery with force.



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