The Eastern District will invest 455,000 euros in actions in Altza, Intxaurrondo and Bidebieta


“Symbolic and historical” inauguration. This is how Mayor Eneko Goia defined this Tuesday the opening of the new headquarters of the Eastern District Board in Harrobieta de Altza Square and, above all, the celebration in its meeting room of the Government Board Local. «It is the first time that I have held a meeting of this type with the city government team outside the City Hall headquarters. And I think that the occasion has deserved it,” said the first mayor of San Sebastián about the event held.

This speech by Goia is in line with the objectives pursued by this local management structure, which offers service to the 46,000 residents who live in Altza, Intxaurrondo and Miracruz-Bidebieta, and which places its function in “decentralizing the structure of the City Council and bringing municipal management to residents, improving the effectiveness and transparency of management.

This year the Eastern District will have a budget of 455,153 euros, “2.5% of the total investment that the City Council has in the previous year’s budget, which is on which the amount for the District is calculated.” explained Carlos García, socialist councilor who holds the presidency of the Eastern District. Of this total amount, 91,185 euros have been used to finance the adaptation of the Harrobieta premises and the other 363,968 euros will be allocated to the investment to improve the three neighborhoods that make up the entity.

The mayor recalled that “a part of the City Council’s participatory budgets are already assigned to the Eastern District and it is here where it is decided what that amount is to be allocated to.” The president of the Board pointed out that with part of this financial amount it has been possible to install the new cover over the Larratxo children’s play park and it will serve, among many other actions, to undertake work on the children’s sports field and the lighting of the park. Buenavista, act on an elevated pedestrian crossing in Txaparrene, undertake action on the bidegorri section between Trintxerpe and Bidebieta, condition the toilets of the Guardaplata de Bidebieta retiree association and renew the playground in this neighborhood or be able to advance in the Sorleku project of Marrutxipi.


Furthermore, as the mayor recalled, the City Council is working on the future opening of a Municipal Guard police station in the Herrera area, all with the aim of bringing the municipal administration closer to the citizens and providing a closer service.

Goodbye to the Mayor’s Office

The new premises are made up of various spaces that will be at the disposal of the District Board: office, office, meeting and board room with translation room, public toilets and an office for workers. Until last week, the Eastern District Board was located in the Altza Mayor’s Office and at the moment the council does not know what use it will give to that now empty space.

In addition to housing the headquarters of the local management body, these new facilities will also offer the Udalinfo citizen service, with two positions that will be available from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a self-processing machine that will have longer hours. A composting trash bag vending machine will also be available.



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