The former vice president of the Almería Provincial Council denies commissions for masks

The former vice president of the Almería Provincial Council denies commissions for masks
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The former third vice president of the Almería Provincial Council Óscar Liria, who appeared this Tuesday before the Congressional commission investigating the sale of medical supplies during the pandemic, has assured that he had “absolutely nothing to do” with the investigated file and that “ “He never ever” collected commissions or asked for favors during his political career.

Since 2021, Liria has been free with precautionary measures for the alleged collection of commissions in the purchase of medical supplies in the midst of a pandemic for a contract awarded to an organization investigated for drug trafficking, weapons and money laundering.

Liria, who has assured that he will go to the investigation commission with the intention of collaborating, has warned that the case is part of a judicial procedure of which he cannot give details, which is why he has left numerous questions unanswered.

Thus, he has limited himself to ensuring that his only participation in this case was “introducing the company that later won the contract”; that it is not true that 150.00 euros were found in his house, money whose origin is already justified “without any doubt”, and that no one from his family or his circle, nor from the PP of Almería benefited from this contract .

“The file is perfect, pristine,” he stressed.

The appearance has also served for PP and PSOE to clash over their interest and the intentions of the other.


Thus, the PP spokesperson, Carlos Rojas, has declared himself surprised by Liria’s appearance, which has been urgently summoned (with 3 days’ notice when the normal is 15) and immediately after the president of the Court of Accounts has appeared. , Enriqueta Chicano, and the former Minister of Health Salvador Illa.

For Rojas, it is inexplicable “why the logical line of appearances is broken, why it is called without order or concert, why the emergencies are unexplained and without the documentation relating to those appearing having arrived.”

For the socialist spokesperson, Juan Antonio González, the real problem is that the PP is not interested in the Almería case reaching the Cortes so that “Spain does not find out about the solid evidence of the diversion of almost a million euros to pay bribes ” of the PP in the Provincial Council.

“Here they are going to investigate all the administrations, but the PP is not interested, it is only interested in one,” he assured, unleashing protests from the popular ones.

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