Kimmich uses " rel="tag">FC to achieve his only objective: leaving Bayern


Joshua Kimmich seeks to leave Bayern Munich and " rel="tag">FC Barcelona seeks to be his great destination

The future of Joshua Kimmich seems destined to leave Bayern, and the great candidate to receive him seems to be FC Barcelona. Philip Lahm, who was international with the German national team, spoke about this. So much so that for him the future of his compatriot points to a difficult decision, but a logical one considering his quality and the moment he is currently living at Bayern Munich.

«Players like Jude Bellingham, Kai Havertz and Erling Haaland need to leave the Bundesliga if they want to become world-class players. It is even an explanation for Kimmich’s loss of confidence,” argued the former defender of the Bavarians and the German team. For Lahm, the 29-year-old footballer is in a ideal time to make the jump to another more powerful leagueas long as you can make it to play where you feel most comfortable.

Kimmich Fc Barcelona
Kimmich Will Leave Bayern Munich And FC Barcelona Will Be His Destination

Kimmich must make the leap to a more powerful league, and FC Barcelona lends itself to this

The latest information also says that the Blaugrana club has surveyed its surroundings and knows that the player would be delighted to play for FC Barcelona. One of the best proofs is that he has been studying Spanish for years. He is very seduced by the Spanish league and Barça attracts him especially. In any case, the Barcelona entity must act diligently because it also runs the risk that he signs for and the case of is repeated.


The player’s contract ends in 2025 and at the moment he remains unrenewed, so if Bayern wants to get money for him, they would have to sell him during the next transfer market. The Bavarian club will not accept less than 50 million euros for Kimmich, but from FC Barcelona they are very optimistic about it. To lower the price, they could include Frenkie de Jong or Araújo in the operation.

Bayern will not accept less than 50 million, but they could include de Jong

The scenario has changed a lot now because in June he will only have one year left on his contract and his valuation will go down. Bayern does not want to part with him for less than 50 million although they are willing to explore various formulasas are those of De Jong, who is the one he likes the most at Bayern at the moment.

Kimmich, for his part, has been putting off Bayern all year. Sportingly he feels that he has finished his cycle in the German team and is willing to leave the Bundesliga. There are clubs very interested in him such as or , but the option of Barça will attract him a lot. during last summer He was already speaking with Xavi Hernández and he was close to taking the step, but the Blaugrana club could not afford the operation financially.



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