Miguel Fluiters’ bungling goes further


From the first days of 2023, the renovation of Miguel Fluiters Street became something very present for the residents of Guadalajara. First during the works, which lasted months and were not free of surprises; later, in view of the result, rabidly green; later, faced with the almost immediate confirmation of the disastrous choice of material for the road, a rubber that, due to its color, brought jokes and concerns in equal measure. Nine months later, the deterioration continues to advance.

The type of pavement used on Miguel Fluiters Street, which has been shown to be unsuitable, was also going to be used on Cervantes Street, where “a surface more suitable for road traffic, like the one used in the of Arrabal del Agua street. Likewise, the pavement planned for the Prim and San Esteban squares was also changed on time.

This week, the Councilor for Infrastructure, Santiago López, announced that the Guadalajara City Council has formally demanded from the company executing the works “the correction of all the deficiencies detected that affect both the pavement and the road.” In fact, the current officials highlight that there are problems not only with the green “carpet”, but also with the steel, with raised tiles.

The version of the current councilor

«It is a work that was carried out late, because it was scheduled for four months and it took almost a year, in which there was then a rush to finish because the municipal elections were coming and in the end the execution was not correct, just as the technicians have determined,” López Pomeda emphasized this Tuesday, pointing out that The City Council’s claim to the construction company falls within the guarantee period for the work, which will end on August 4.

«Having already made the claim to the construction company, it has a two-month period, which expires on May 12, to meet the demand to correct the deficiencies, and if this is not the case, we will obviously have to act with other measures such as the execution of the bail,” said the councilor two weeks before the deadline expires.


Unsuitable material

Beyond the execution of the work, it is not clear who was responsible for the choice of a material that, in that location and for the intended use, has turned out to be totally inappropriate. It was part of a municipal project that, like so many others, has benefited from funds from the European .

As LA CRONICA previously reported, on the seller’s website, a Murcian firm, there is laudatory praise for its virtues: «It is a cold surface treatment with excellent fatigue properties under dynamic stress and shock absorption, with high wear resistance and good mechanical properties. With this product, it is possible to absorb the noise produced by noise pollution while reducing NOx. In addition, its manufacturing and installation generate 0 CO2 emissions, favoring environmental decontamination. “A real advance since, in addition, it is a system from the circular economy.”. As if that were not enough, they insist on “highlight the elastomeric property of its composition, which allows a very high reduction in the noise generated when walking over surfaces made with this product, since the absorption of impact energy drastically reduces it”.

Months later, the enthusiasm spreads through neighborhoods.

That June 27, 2023…

The date of June 27, 2023 has already been noted in this newspaper for the little history of Guadalajara. It had taken six months for the central Miguel Fluiters street to be reopened to traffic, which some pedestrians had already made their own in recent weeks and which from that moment on they had to share, again, with vehicles. And although friction makes love, what the tires on the rubber quickly began to bring was a shadow on the ground and, a few weeks later, the losses and detachments of the material.

Already then, it was also evident that the attempted repair at Clara was in poor condition. At that intersection, where the applied material had to be lifted, the replacement carried out was not related to the rest, with one part threatening since being given that second opportunity to finish lifting again.

Miguel Fluiters on the day of its reopening to traffic, June 27, 2023. (Photo: La Crónic@)

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