Concepción demands another Commercial Court for León due to saturation

Concepción demands another Commercial Court for León due to saturation
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The president of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León, José Luis Concepción, considers it necessary to create a new Commercial Court in the capital, in view of the enormous workload it currently supports. Yesterday, Concepción presented the 2023 Report of the High Court, which proposes providing the capital with four new judicial bodies in the capital (First Instance, Instruction, Criminal and the aforementioned Commercial) and two for the capital of Bierzo (Family and Contentious-Administrative ).

«It should be noted that with outstanding priority in terms of creation, the following are requested and in this order: two magistrate positions in the Provincial Court of Salamanca; Social Court in Burgos; Court of First Instance in León; Court of First Instance and Instruction in Miranda de Ebro; Court of First Instance and Instruction of Ávila; Court of First Instance in Valladolid; Court of First Instance in Salamanca; a position as a magistrate of the Criminal Section in the Provincial Court of Burgos,” explained Concepción in the presentation of the document

Concepción has left another new example of his disagreements with the current Government and with the progressive philosophy: «We judges are used to working in Spain with the limited means that we are provided and always above the level of dedication required. And now, also, exposed not to the healthy criticism that is desirable and convenient in a State of Law, but to the insult of those who disagree with the resolutions we dictate,” she says from Burgos.

«In recent days we have experienced the perverse and ruthless attack on a judge for the mere fact of initiating criminal proceedings as a result of a complaint received. ‘Coup leader in a toga’, he has been called. This is an attempt to delegitimize one of the three branches of government. And only to do our job,” he protests.


Even so, he warns: “There is no doubt that, despite the gratuitous attacks we receive and the delegitimization campaign that certain political and media circles have already begun against the judiciary, supported by the performance that we have experienced,” says the president.

The president of the TSJCyL protests the need to constantly resort to reinforcement measures, which have become evident in León: «The reinforcement measures have also consisted of extensions of working hours in favor of Lawyers of the Administration of Justice and civil servants of the General Bodies of the Administration of Justice, to reinforce the Courts specialized in the knowledge of the matter related to the general conditions included in financing contracts with real estate guarantees whose borrower is a natural person,” he describes.

Furthermore, «we must highlight the numerous extensions in force in the Judicial Office of León since the moment of its implementation; and those that have their origin in the existence of reinforcement judges or in the high pendency of matters presented by some judicial bodies, whether for temporary or structural reasons,” he maintains.



If the number of matters registered in all the judicial bodies of Castilla y León during 2022 amounted to 289,797 matters, during last year the global registration was 296,927 matters (well above the matters entered in 2019, the year in which 277,247 matters were entered). . There are 7,130 more issues.

The level of resolution has also experienced a variation. During 2022, the courts and tribunals of Castilla y León resolved 278,187 matters, while in 2023 they resolved 264,516. That is, 13,671 less than the previous year.

The data reflects an increase in the number of cases filed and although there is a slight decrease in the number of cases resolved “it should not be understood as a real decrease since it cannot be forgotten that in 2023 there were two strikes”; namely, the first of them the strike of Lawyers of the Administration of Justice and the second of them the strike of officials of the Administration of Justice, both in the first half of the year, with a total duration from January to June 2023. And that is why the response capacity, in terms of resolved matters and resolutions of the judges and magistrates, was extraordinary and represented an added effort to the workload in the second half of the year to solve the paralysis of the first semester activity.

«Spanish judges will continue to be the citizen’s last bastion against any type of arbitrariness. There is no other solution than to continue defending the rule of law with the law in hand, despite vituperation and staging,” he concluded again in a political key.


León also needs a Court of First Instance, another Criminal Court and one more Court of Instruction.


The president understands that Pedro Sánchez’s performance has been more of a “performance”



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