The left once again rescues the PP so that the Seville City Council can make investments in the face of Vox’s castling

The left once again rescues the PP so that the Seville City Council can make investments in the face of Vox’s castling
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Once again, and we are beginning to lose count, the vote in favor or the abstention of PSOE and Podemos-IU has allowed the government of José Luis Sanz (PP) in the Seville City Council to carry forward the majority of the points he needed to have funds that would allow him to carry out works and thus obtain political oxygen. And all this, also once again, with the contumacious refusal of Vox, which has voted against each and every one of these proposals, understanding that they are a “patch” to a budget for 2024 that – they have recalled – did not go ahead. as the PP did not agree with them so as not to open the doors of the local government to them.

Given the lack of accounts for this year and of his minority (14 councilors compared to 16 of the opposition), the mayor has to govern by means of budget modification, which is why in this Tuesday’s plenary session he presented nothing less than 17 points to give the City Council liquidity of almost 16 million euros. In total, 13 of the 17 initiatives have gone ahead thanks always to the support of the left-wing formations, which have once again pulled the PP out of the in the face of the refusal in all cases from a Vox that in theory should be its ally. natural.

The local government has managed to obtain motions that provide it with 14.1 million euros, while it has seen how it was knocked down with items worth almost 1.2 million euros. The most important approved amount has been two chapters totaling 5.6 million for the Municipal Institute (IMD), which has nevertheless been denied an investment of almost 56,000 euros for computer equipment and programs. However, the largest proposal that has not gone ahead has been 1.1 million euros for payment to the Commonwealth of Los Alcores for the waste tax.

“Patches” to the budget

The other large investment approved was 4.7 million euros for a viability plan for Contursa, the municipal company that manages Fibes, the . The company is still limping after the two years in which events could not be held in this setting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Treasury delegate and spokesperson for the PP, Juan Bueno, has been forced to thank time and again the position of PSOE and Podemos-IU, hardly stopping to reproach Vox beyond “not understanding their position of no for the No”. Despite barely intervening in the debate, her spokesperson, Cristina Peláez, once again explained that the position against her is due to the fact that many of these investments would be included in accounts for 2024 that the PP now wants to save with budget modifications.

“They decided to extend the budget and now we are seeing the consequences,” criticized Peláez, who insisted that “they already know that they cannot count on us for patches of this type.” This situation is repeated in all plenary sessions, so the PP knows that – at least for now – the far-right formation remains firm in its intention not to lend a hand. The price for turning the tables remains the same: letting them into city government.


Municipal meetings “without calling”

For the PSOE, its spokesperson and former mayor, Antonio Muñoz, has emphasized that thanks to them, investments have been made for urban, sports or school projects. “We have given unequivocal proof that we are a serious, rigorous and solid group”, a “government party” that has once again rescued a PP that, otherwise, would have been forced to have no resources. Of course, he has asked the Sanz government to change its ways and “abandon the lies”, such as stating that Contursa has a debt of 11 million euros.

The socialist deputy spokesperson and former Treasury delegate, Sonia Gaya, has reproached the PP for being “incapable of managing the aid it receives”, which has led to the renunciation of more than one subsidy, and has criticized it for abusing requests. of credit and to “squeeze” the savings in the personnel chapter, which has been attributed to the fact that positions are not being replaced. The popular spokesperson, Juan Bueno, has denied both issues, emphasizing that when it comes to requesting loans “we are within the limits and with enough cushion so that red lights do not turn on.”

Gaya, however, has urged the PP to “cut back a little”, because “they ask us for help but they do not stop criticizing the previous government” of the PSOE. To this he added another accusation when it was the turn of the Municipal Sports Institute: the local government is pressuring the sports entities so that, in turn, they pressure the opposition and thus support the budget proposals that the PP brings to the plenary session. “The way to address this would be in the municipal district meetings, which have not yet been convened” almost a year after Sanz’s arrival to the Mayor’s Office.

“A slightly mafia-like practice”

On behalf of the Podemos-IU group, councilor Ismael Sánchez (IU) has agreed in denouncing pressure on sports clubs and entities, “a somewhat mafia-like practice” and also unnecessary, because these measures usually have the support of their formation. , which considers sport as “a right of the people.” Gaya continued, regretting that the PP is telling them that “there is no money because we have not approved the budget, but it does not explain to them that we support these budget modifications.” “Stop manipulating citizens, because they are not stupid,” he added.

But if in the budgetary issue Vox does not want to know anything about the PP, then it has saved it in two situations that two local government councilors faced by adding their votes to those of the popular ones so that the Urban Planning delegate, Juan de la Rosa, do not give any further explanations for a Christmas meal that a company collaborating with the City Council paid for the workers of the Urban Planning Management. Likewise, he has prevented the disapproval of the Culture delegate and president of the Control Commission, Minerva Salas, for preventing a question from the PSOE in the last session. “They protect themselves,” the socialists have lamented.



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