A worker and his accomplices arrested for stealing appliances from the homes where he worked in Alicante


Agents of the National Police have arrested five people in the town of Alicante as allegedly responsible for the robbery with force in some homes in the final phase of construction located in the Albufereta area of ​​Alicante, from which they stole 14 new appliances valued at 4,114.58 euros, helped by one of the workers who, to settle a drug debt he had with one of them, provided them with the keys to the work and the information necessary to carry out the robbery.

The events were reported by the promoter of the work at the Alicante North National Police Station, who suffered the theft of all the appliances intended for the homes under construction and in the final phase of work, which he was carrying out in the area of the Albufereta in Alicante.

According to him, it appears that the perpetrators must have been aware of the place where the workers kept a copy of the keys to the homes, since they had apparently accessed them with keys.

After becoming aware of the facts, the Police Station’s investigative group began the investigations, directing the first steps toward locating possible cameras or witnesses in the vicinity that could clear up any doubts regarding the identification of the perpetrators.


The police obtained images of the vehicles used to commit the robbery, which were a van and a car. In fact, the agents were even able to see how after committing the robbery, both vehicles left the scene, the car going well ahead of the van where they were presumably transporting the stolen goods, as a “shuttle” vehicle, in order to to be able to detect possible police controls and be discovered.

The owners of the two vehicles were arrested after their identification, which triggered the identifications and arrests of the rest of the participants in the event, managing to uncover the plot layer by layer with each of the arrests carried out.

Once all the arrests were made, the agents put together all the missing pieces of the puzzle, eventually finding out who the suspected worker was who provided the information and keys to the perpetrators of the robbery.

It was one of the workers who had been working on the construction site and who not only had provided the aforementioned key elements for the consummation of the crime, even recording a video that he sent to his debtor showing the place and the appliances, but, Apparently, he had also indicated to his accomplices that there was a lot of copper to steal, supposedly coming from the electrical installation, which is why he was located and arrested as a necessary collaborator of the above in a crime of robbery with force.



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