Robberies and fights continue to rise in Gipuzkoa and an average of 63 are already recorded each day


The most common in-person crimes that part of the population most fears suffering at any time, that is, robbery and/or assault, continue to rise in Gipuzkoa and at least 63 are already registered every day. Specifically, last year, an average of 57 criminal offenses related to some form of theft or robbery were recorded each day, and 6 acts of violence resulting in injuries.

This is shown by the ‘Euskal Polizia Crime Report 2023’, the crime report carried out by the Ertzaintza and the local police, made public yesterday. In global figures, crime continues to increase in the territory (6.5% last year), boosted above all by the incessant increase in computer crimes, which in 2023 skyrocketed again by 54% to a total of 9,015 known illegal acts. almost 3,200 more than the previous year.

Also contributing to the general increase was the 19% increase in crimes against sexual freedom, with 341 cases registered (almost one a day) compared to 286 a year before.

Despite this, in-person crime managed to moderate as a whole, decreasing by 1.9% to 32,490 criminal acts, compared to 33,118 in 2022. The decrease is mainly explained by the existence of fewer crimes against collective security, which fell by 13.6%. Thus, offenses for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs were reduced by 11.8%, drug trafficking by 5%, and other crimes under this heading by up to 21%.

Homes and vehicles

But the detailed analysis of the data reveals that the most common crime in Gipuzkoa, theft, continued to increase for another year. In this case, 7.32% when up to 11,479 complaints were recorded, 783 more than the previous year. This figure means that every day the Ertzaintza or the municipal police are aware of 31 acts of this type, two more than in 2022.

Regarding robberies with force, they decreased overall by 10% to 4,999 known cases, 553 less than the previous year. In this heading the evolutions are very different depending on the place where the crime occurs. In homes, while robberies in the home itself skyrocket – 21.3%, to 1,458 lootings, 256 more –, those produced in other areas such as garages, storage rooms… In that case, 315 were counted. complaints, 56% less than the 727 the previous year.


Thefts in shops and other closed spaces also decreased, remaining at 1,063 compared to 1,471 in 2022. That is, 27.7% less. However, the rest of the cases rose. Thefts in companies grew by 6% (159 cases), those perpetrated with violence and intimidation by 18% (701), or vehicle theft by 5% (341, almost one a day).

Outside of robberies but within crimes against property, acts that cause damage decreased slightly (2.95%), and face-to-face scams plummeted by 60%.

This type of violation has been diverted almost entirely to the virtual world, as shown by the fact that computer scams grew by 53%, up to 8,214 cases. Cyber ​​scams represent 91% of all computer crimes. These are followed by cyberfakes (237 cases, 10% more); threats and coercion (230, 33% more); the discovery and disclosure of secrets (54, 22% more) and sexual cybercrimes (33, 135% more).

In the area of ​​injuries, these increased by 8% overall, up to 3,240 cases. Among these, 962 (3.5% less than in 2022) corresponded to abuse in the family environment.

Two murders and 27 attempts

Among the most serious crimes, two murders or intentional homicides were recorded, one less than the previous year; 27 unconsummated attempts (six less); and another 20 infractions (one more) relating to ‘homicide and its forms’. Regarding the crimes of torture and against integrity, there were 618 cases (2.6% more) of habitual mistreatment in the family environment and 66 (53% more) conceived as other infractions of torture and against integrity.

Beizama, the only town without crime, and Arama the most ‘illegal’

The balance of the Ertzaintza and the local police breaks down, town by town, the total crimes identified each year. In 2023, Beizama was the only town in Gipuzkoa in which no criminal offense was recorded. In this municipality of barely a hundred inhabitants, one had been committed the previous year. That 2022, the honor of being the only immaculate town was Orexa, which in 2023 witnessed a crime. Beyond the total figures, the highest crime rate corresponds to Arama, where its 17 crimes represent 9 infractions per 100 inhabitants. Olaberria follows, with 8.2 per 100.



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