, ​​Don Arturo and Don Antonio


AND In Franco’s , ​​so Spanish, the numerous modern musical groups or ensembles vocalized Spanish wonderfully. From the famous San Carlos Club came wonderful “light music” groups such as Los Sirex, and Los Mustang with their singer-vocalist the great Santi Carulla Hernández who embroidered the beautiful and endearing song to perfection. , we were so young .

In those sixties of the last twentieth century, there were good musical groups and magnificent solo singers that, unfortunately, today’s young people barely know.

Born in Barcelona and surrounding areas, groups like the aforementioned Sirex toured Spain and all the media, with extraordinary songs that now run the risk of being banned any day due to the crazy congenital, or supervening, nonsense of these political bosses that we are suffering .

Memory I’m tremendous , which says: “I’m tremendous with all the girls, I kiss them whenever I want, if someone resists, I don’t understand it” (supposedly the boy was a good-looking guy and liked to do favors). As if their audacity were not enough, they even dared to sing: “Let the ugly die, let there be none, none…”, but they sweetly remedied it with “How good, how good, how good, to know that you feel it.” same as me, to know that your kisses are only for me”, and, furthermore: “If I had a broom, how many things I would sweep.”

So, despite the Franco regime, in Catalonia there was more concord and harmony, there was more hope, more freedom and a good future.

Catalonia does not only belong to the Catalans, it is also mine, to Spain, to all Spaniards.

Although some “intellectuals”, with twisted intelligence, have thought that I do not like the “alatriste” Arturo Pérez Reverter, the truth is that I respect him, appreciate him and even admire him, because in some things he is similar to me. For this reason, I must say that I totally agree with him and support him in that little confrontation with Antonio Papell, who has no reason and is making a fool of himself. Reviewing the newspaper archive, to remember, I have seen that on Wednesday, 11-16-1988, in Diario de León, I had the pleasure and success of opposing Don Antonio’s article that supported Felipe González and his Council of Ministers which had presented and approved, on 10-28-1988, the Youth Employment Plan, triggering the general strike of December 14 or 14-D, a success for the organizing unions CC OO and UGT.

The reform of the labor market, which . Papell liked so much, made dismissal cheaper, introduced temporary contracts for young people and shamelessly benefited the employers. Thus, the opinion of the now TVE talk show host was as misguided then, when he defended the businessmen, as it is now when he attacks them without reason and calls those of us who do not have the same opinion as fascists.

To Don Arturo, such an admirer of France, I dedicated the article: Don Arturo Pérez Reverte would like to be French , Tribune of Diario de León on 7-31-2022, which was liked by his friend José Ignacio del “Severo Ochoa”, who described him as true, intelligent, ironic, wise, and even attentive and affectionate towards the Murcian writer, “Señor de la Navata”, to whom I did not want to mention the long, hard, sad and cruel “French sanctuary” of terrorism against Spain, and the vandalism of the French, so frequent, against our farmers and trucks that carry the best vegetables and fruits to Europe . Yes, Don Arturo, you love Spain, but sometimes you hide it and act “French”, although in reality you are not as French as I am, son and lover of the liberal and cultured “Villafrancorum” that let me practice French with beautiful French “teachers” in the legendary Leonardo Gallego cabin, not yet declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), nor a monument worthy of special protection. I don’t know what the Illustrious City Council thinks and does, but perhaps it is very busy trying to solve large-scale problems as pressing as squaring the circle and, surely, any day it will surprise us with a great discovery. For now, the geese bench that has been installed these days in the Romantic Garden of 1882 show that we have ideal councilors who think a lot and well, being very capable of surprising natives and visitors by showing their personal creative inspiration, although approaching them or sitting is a dangerous adventure, since they have to bite with a sharp iron beak. The bosses, who never ask, will know if they comply with safety regulations and potential victims will not be able to file a complaint against our taxes. I think that any sensible councilor, with small children, would not place the “pretty geese” in their private garden, even if they were a gift.

And to finish well, I have to allow myself the happiness of these sweet and affectionate “trifles” or “nothings”:


“Lately, I’m running out of enemies, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

“At the pace they are taking us, they will all be nations except Spain.”

“It is tremendous, almost incredible, that the children of Franco’s officials call those of us who have been their victims “fachas.”

“There are appearances, I mean dates, that are never forgotten.”

“There are too many wolves and few little hoods.”

“Getting things out of hand is within the reach of any hake, even if it is not from the Cantabrian Sea.”

“Illusion is the best alternative energy I know.”

“How sad it is to love this Spain that so often disappoints and embarrasses me!”

With all Burbiality…

I don’t know what the Illustrious City Council of Villafranca thinks and does, but perhaps it is very busy trying to solve large-scale problems as pressing as squaring the circle and, surely, one day it will surprise us with a great discovery



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