Lebanese takeout at a new location on Feria Street

Lebanese takeout at a new location on Feria Street
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The word Fatouch, also written as fattoush or fattush, means moist bread in Arabic although in reality it is the name given to a salad of Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian origin that consists of various vegetables cut into cubes and mixed with flatbread cut into strips or squares and fried or roasted.

In addition to this, Fatouch is also one of the best-rated restaurants in the city of Seville, a gastronomic space located on Feria street with traditional Lebanese foods that has now decided to open un second place with takeaway food. The establishment, located right in front, is called “Fatouch pa’ yebâh and has both a pick-up service and some tables at its door to enjoy the food right there.

Lebanese takeaway

It is a smaller version of their original restaurant but with similar characteristics that offer takeaway, although they have some high tables outside for those who want to eat there, at number 32 Feria Street.

This is a new concept of the traditional restaurant whose options include the “Lebanese experience”, a menu in which there are several meals to taste different typical dishes of this country. In addition to this, the food is the same as the restaurant menu: hummus, falafel, kafta, pita, maghmour…

All food is prepared fresh with fresh ingredients and vegetarian options.

As a curious fact, in the packaging each product is identified with a strip of paper on which the name of the dish appears, a little of its history and the way to eat it. Next to it there is also a QR code that, if scanned, plays music from the country so that the experience is as immersive as possible.


Inside the new premises you can see prints made by the urban artist Pintarraheo, who uses the orthographic proposal EPA (Êttandâ pal Andalûh) that reflects the Andalusian accent in the written language. This can be read on the ceramic mosaic with the name on the outside of the premises, which reads: “Fatouch pa yebâh”.

The mosaic was made by another artist, the Alejandra Picart, which shows Honeiny’s with the neighborhood and with Seville.

The original restaurant

The original Fatouch restaurant is housed in an old renovated furniture store on Calle Feria, in Seville. In charge of his kitchen is Anas Honeiny, a young Lebanese architect in love with the traditions of his country who has transferred the recipe book of his mother and his grandmother to the capital of Seville. He, along with his business partner Remy Eusebe, a computer scientist, were the ones who created the most famous restaurant with Lebanese food in the city. In 2022 Eusebe left the business, leaving Honeiny in charge alone.

Among their options they have several types of hummus, Lebanese salads, pita breads with different fillings and traditional stews. They also offer the ‘sofra’, similar to a tasting menu made up of several dishes from the menu.

Fatouch Pa yebâh’s food can be ordered and picked up at the same establishment, or at home through the Glovo and Uber Eats platforms during their hours from Wednesday to Sunday.



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