Mario Picazo predicts the end of the rainy season in Spain sooner than expected


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Mario Picazo sets a date for the end of the rains in Spain

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He end of the rainy season In Spain it is almost a reality, Mario Picazo is one of the experts who already has a date for this phenomenon. This period usually responds to a series of conditions that seem to soon disappear completely.

An expert like Mario Picazo has already begun to give some important information about when this process will end. It seems that we will be able to mark the end of this rainy season on the calendar from this date.

The end of the rainy season in Spain

Spring is usually the time of year in which the rains end up being a reality. We face a series of changes that are fundamental as we leave winter behind. But be careful, because this season they have left us some surprises.

We have had a month of March with temperatures below what would be usual. Especially in a month when we have to start seeing the good weather arrive. The trend has been more intense cold than the last week of January, when traditionally the greatest drop in temperatures of the year occurs.

An anomaly that has translated into that change that we have also seen through rainfall. With figures that have ended up being higher than expected. The bad weather has accompanied us for days that no one really could have expected.

With the rainiest Easter in recent times and the May long weekend underway, the news from Mario Picazo can help us think about the future that awaits us. Maybe we have plans for these days and we want to start preparing. The time will have come to do it.


This forecast tells us the end of the rains. Something that may end up affecting us in one way or another. The time will have come to start preparing mid-season clothes or, directly, summer clothes. It means more sun and consequently high temperatures that would be more typical of this time of year.

Dare to discover which day you can put away your umbrella once and for all. Perhaps you will end up surprised by the result of these time maps that seem to leave no room for doubt.

The rains will end sooner than expected, according to Mario Picazo

This forecast by Mario Picazo goes ahead and tells us what is about to arrive. A radical change that we may be waiting for. This year the rains have been the main protagonists of the most important days, but this situation has its days numbered.

According to this forecast: “The weather will continue to be quite unstable in Spain, at least until Wednesday, May 1. From that date on, the atmosphere could stabilize a little, but the latest updates indicate that showers and storms could extend in some areas, at least until Sunday. So from this moment on: «Thursday could be a day of transition, with a more stable environment but not for long. On Friday, another front is already expected to enter Galicia, which between that day and Saturday will leave showers in many areas of Spain, especially in the northwest of the peninsula.

In addition to the rains, we must also be very aware of the temperatures: «One of the most notable anomalies this week in which April says goodbye and May begins will be the temperatures that in general will be below normal in the most communities. The entry of colder air from the north, although of maritime origin, will cause the cold environment to settle in a good number of communities, although it will be more noticeable in those in the north of the peninsula. For the start of the week, most of the capitals, except for some isolated ones in the south and those in the Canary Islands, will be below the usual values. We will begin to notice how daytime temperatures are recovering the pulse of spring towards the final stretch of the week, when the values ​​begin to be more typical of the dates in which we are.

Until Sunday will be the moment when we begin to see the sun arrive again in our daily lives. Coinciding with the change of month, the situation seems to be stabilizing, we will leave the umbrella behind once and for all and we will do so with our eyes set on a destination that may be promising.

If you are thinking of starting to prepare a small getaway, it will be better that you do it after this rainy season that seems to have already come to an end, according to an expert like Mario Picazo.



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