Members of an organization are tried for forcing foreign women into prostitution in Tarragona and Tortosa

Members of an organization are tried for forcing foreign women into prostitution in Tarragona and Tortosa
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The Tarragona Court will begin judging this Thursday 20 people from an alleged organization that exploited and forced 26 foreign women into prostitution. The victims worked and lived in “extremely harsh” conditions in the group’s eight brothels, located in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Tortosa, Vilanova i la Geltrú and Sabadell. The events date back between 2008 and 2010.

Prosecutor’s Office He accuses them of 41 crimes of prostitution, one of illicit association, another against workers’ rights, a continued crime of money laundering and two more of falsification of official documents. For those most responsible, he asks for 15 years in prison while for the rest of the members the requests are for 13, 11, 9 and 6 years.

The 20 defendants were part of a organization structured in a pyramidal form and “strongly hierarchical”, according to the public ministry in the indictment to which ACN has had access. The group’s objective was to enrich itself through the exploitation of foreign women, of legal age, who were forced into prostitution.

The activity was carried out in eight brothels, three of them in Tarragonatwo in Barcelona, one in Tortosa and the other two in Sabadell and Vilanova i la Geltrú. In addition, members of the plot transferred the victims to the various brothels they ran to give the “feeling of newness.” According to the prosecutor, Women had to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He also explains that they were fined if they did not comply with the “internal regime of the club.”

As an example, They were punished if they refused to have sexual relations with clients, if they were not always available or if they did not comply with the 21 days stipulated for the refund of the deposit they had to pay to be able to work in their premises. «They could not leave the apartment during these first 21 days, and they only had one hour a day to go outside; “In the event of an emergency, they were not allowed to leave, not even after seven in the afternoon,” the letter indicates.


Furthermore, lThe girls had to “immediately” hand over the money they earned to the so-called “mamis” or those in charge of each brothel, who at the end of the day gave them the percentage that corresponded to them by sexual services done. The managers recorded both services and profits in notebooks, a system that was used in all brothels. According to the prosecutor, the working conditions were set when the victims accepted the “place”, who were in a situation of “need” and “precariousness” because they did not have a residence permit in Spain.

«Extremely harsh conditions»

According to the accusatory document, the conditions imposed by the organization were “extremely harsh”, without schedules and by the fact that women had to buy food for themselves. Likewise, if they refused to have sexual relations with clients because they were menstruating, They fined them and deducted the money obtained. for prostitution until that moment.

They did not have times to eat, if the services prevented it they did not eat; in case the service was at night time advancedthey woke them up with screams and insults like ‘come whores to work’ or ‘daughters of whores, disgusting, you don’t come here to work Beds», says the prosecutor.

The public ministry in its letter also states that the women were “frightened” since they had heard that the members of the organization “They had killed a few people”. By Therefore, the victims accepted the conditions imposed due to fear of possible retaliation and being fined for any type of non-compliance with the labor regime.

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