SANTIAGO CAPITAL OF GALICIA | Sanmartín will insist in his meeting with Rueda that the contribution for capital status be raised

SANTIAGO CAPITAL OF GALICIA | Sanmartín will insist in his meeting with Rueda that the contribution for capital status be raised
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Sanmartín will insist in his meeting with Rueda that the contribution for capital status be raisedJesus Prieto

Mayor Goretti Sanmartíndoes not give up in its efforts to ensure that Santiago is better compensated for the expenses that being the capital of Galicia entails. The city It has received 2.39 million euros for years and the figure has been frozen again, despite the fact that in October of last year in his first institutional meeting with the president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, it was agreed to study an update. “In the next meeting with the president of the Xunta, which we have already requested, we will discuss this issue again to increase the amount of the Capital Statute.“, the councilor explains in statements to EL CORREO GALLEGO. A date for the meeting has not yet been set.

Sanmartín remembers that in October the Xunta He told them that he was going to convene the Capital Council – a body in which both administrations are present – ​​“before the end of 2023, to carry out a study to update the amount to be allocated. and to include the result in the 2025 budgets, collecting the difference with respect to 2024.” However, at the moment this body has not started its work. Already in 2004, a study by two professors from the University of Santiago calculated that the City Council should receive 5.5 million to be able to cover the extra cost that the municipal coffers have to assume for issues such as attracting citizens who are not registered in the city. or for not collecting taxes for the use of land by the autonomous Administration. In this mandate, Raxoi commissioned an update of the report that increased that amount to 8.6 million euros annually.


However, the document was not well received by the Xunta. The presidential councilor, Diego Calvo, accused the Government of Goretti Sanmartín of “disloyalty” and warned that the Xunta does not work “by force of effect”, nor “occurrences”. Calvo asserted that the amount that Santiago should receive must be calculated within the Capital Council.

An “insufficient and outdated” contribution

Yesterday the socialists of Santiago also criticized the freezing of allocations for the capital. It is an “insufficient and outdated” contribution after more than a decade frozen, underlines the general secretary of the local PSOE, Aitor Bouza. “We cannot allow Mr. Rueda’s Xunta de Galicia to once again block such an important budget for our city,” he denounces.


Aitor Bouza regrets the “partisan use” that the PP makes of the autonomous administration. “This is an absolute offense for our city, but above all, for the interests of the residents of Santiago,” he says.

The general secretary of the Compostela PSOE recalls that the demand to update the capital items is a demand that his party already made when it governed in the Pazo de Raxoi. Bouza considers thatThe lack of funds prevents the City Council from having sufficient resources to be able to provide services.. The current 2.39 million, he continues, are “insufficient” to assume the expenses of being the Galician capital and, as such, being the headquarters of the main public administrations, something that translates into significant expenses in terms of security or cleaning, For example.

Attacks Verea

Bouza also attacks the PP of Santiago, whom he accuses of being alienated from the “outdated interests of Mr. Rueda.” He recalls that the Socialist Parliamentary Group brought this issue to the Pazo do Hórreo on several occasions in the presentation of amendments to the budgets of the Xunta, “and every time we had Mr. Verea’s vote against.”

“The Popular Party of Compostela cannot be left out of the interests of the citizens of our city,” emphasizes Bouza, who wonders if the leader of the popular party “does not intend to say anything to defend that Santiago deserves more and deserves to have an amount to cover all these expenses in accordance with the real costs.”

The socialists also urge the municipal government to “get its act together” and move forward with the city’s important projects, especially “those that have to do with the negotiations of the Xunta.”



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