14 appliances are stolen from homes under construction in Albufereta to settle a drug debt


The National Police have arrested five people in Alicante for stealing up to 14 appliances, valued at 4,111 euros, from several homes in a development in Albufereta. The thieves were helped by one of the workers, who to pay off a debt he had The drug dealer gave them the keys to the premises and the information to carry out the robbery, even recording a video of the residential complex.

In fact, this worker had also indicated to his accomplices the large amount of copper that could be stolen from the electrical installation, a fact that earned him arrest for being a “necessary collaborator” in the crime of theft of things by force.

According to the security body in a statement, the events were reported by the promoter of the work, who suffered the theft of all the appliances intended for these homes under construction in the Albufereta area of ​​Alicante.

As he explained, the authors must have known the place where the workers kept keys to the homes, since they had entered with them. After learning the situation, the investigative group began the investigations and checked the cameras. The agents obtained images of a van and a car used to commit the robbery.


After checking the owner of said van, it was discovered that it had been rented since last year by a company. The owner of the vehicle stated that he had lent it to a friend to make a move, without knowing the intentions of the theft. In addition, he explained that when the theft was returned, the van had mud and remains of pallets, since the entrance to the work was muddy and the appliances were stolen with their original packaging.

After also knowing the owner of the tourism, the agents carried out a device to arrest them. The perpetrators, after stealing the appliances, took them to another van parked in a place where they stored the objects and later sold them on the black market, dividing the profits.

The agents managed to locate said van and found two refrigerators inside. In addition, one of the collaborators in the plot was paid in kind, receiving a washing machine that could also be satisfactorily recovered.

After the arrest of the alleged perpetrators; five men, between 20 and 43 years of age, all of Spanish nationality, all proceedings were referred to the Courts of Alicante.



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